Why not go back, or care, go

Why not go back, or care, go Once my favorite man uttered the phrase: "You know, as when a woman was leaving you three times? First, on the hour, then on the day, and then all my life ... ". "That bastard" - occurred in the first few seconds. Then I realized that I was the same, in fact, and many, many women.

 And so interesting is, you know we women, the pain caused in this case the people who love us? And not only that our men are undergoing treatment not once, but several, as yet, and their returns. How? It's very simple. Each time, coming back, we once again give them HOPE, the worst that can come up with such situations. And even then, when we understand that still does not work, torment them that hope, tries to humiliate ...

Now, ladies, I beg to calm down and not to write angry comments by type "and they throw us" or "so they deserve". We are not animals, we initially gentle and understanding person. We MUST be so, otherwise cease to be women. And if you want to be as strong and independent, think, why come back. There are many options, not argue. But what are these causes?

It is a pity, when he calls and asks to return, said that he could not live without you and be sure to change.

This is cowardice, when, remaining in an empty apartment with a bottle of wine for one, is lonely. When walking with their girlfriends single-think that, left alone, to turn in the same fools in pursuit of men, as they are. Or walking with no single girlfriends are jealous of their happiness.

This diffidence and fear of being alone forever. It would be ridiculous phrase sounded, and I'm sure that even if deep down, but almost all of this we are afraid.

This lack of courage and belief that people really can change in one day (hour, week, year ... - it does not matter).

Can have a long list, but you can just sit down and think, and really evaluate why you still come back to the men. But to be honest! And all of you then you'll understand.

Of course, such reasons can not be the key to a happy future together. And you once again runs away from him, more and more until you take yourself in hand and do not go away forever.

But, consider: in most cases still go ... and he remains with his pain and hope that you will return again. And you cry again, and again in the depression, though they themselves are to blame. The gap is never easy, and never passes without a trace.

Girls, girls, women ... think ten times before you leave, and no less, before returning. Otherwise, we then we see the men who hate women because they are the same and caused them such pain. This excruciating pain as care several times. It is not just the same way they say "Go away!". Before you leave or return, remember this phrase. It is difficult, but we are under strength.