Why not trust the foreign suitors?

Why not trust the foreign suitors? Slavic beauty always highly valued foreign guests. And the twenty-first century little has changed in the notion of female beauty. Here are ways to become more acquainted, and make it easier. View Marriage Agency now - that's not a problem, and do it all and sundry.
Tales of a prince from a distance, perceptions of the good life and the differences from our foreign men are not in favor of the latter - all this does not give the girls rest, and they willingly enter into the ranks of prospective wives of foreign men.

And the young men do not lose time and actively registered 1,111,114. on dating sites [/url] . Information on such adventures are not conjugal ignored. Knowing the "kitchen", I will try to explain why it is not necessary to build illusions about the ideality of foreign suitors, who so zealously looking for a wife is among the Slavic girls.

Main Audience suitors - Those who are 30 and above. And sometimes much higher. Basically they are or are divorced, or were not married. With children from different wives, or of one, but, according to them, very unreliable. Now think about it, if a man 45 years old and he was not married, not that strange? And if you do not analyze in detail and you can bet on that score, the further acquaintance of strangeness exactly clear. This is either extreme-philosophical turn of mind, or what is called normal moods, or narcissism.

Speaking of narcissism. Almost all of these men believe that it is better to not find that they are beautiful and intelligent, caring and honest. In the photo they are not handsome, and with closer acquaintance inner world, too, not striking beauty. But they will surely be repeating that 1,111,118. better man you do not meet [/url] . It does not matter what you may doubt this.

If you like classical scheme of courtship, this option is not for you. That is, man may draw attention to you, and even the first to make a step forward, but if you do not persevere, and regularity in communion with him, he may even be offended and think that your business is more important than communion with самим... И тогда будете объяснять ему, почему вы должны пойти в магазин, а не еще пять минут поговорить с ним. Вот такие обидчивые принцы ...

Not particularly pereborchivostyu those over 60. They are willing to communicate with all 11111117 girls. site at the same time, as long as she was young and attractive. Favorite age - 20. Each for them - the most beloved, and each will be their wife. Almost all of these men are very interested in the sexual side of such communication and require a full commitment to the great mystery at the first meeting.

An important point - money. It's no secret that girls use the services of marriage agencies free of charge. They pay the same men. Typically, they are ready to communicate or indefinitely, with the first dating confessing his love, or just come to visit. It would be nice if such visitors have been targeted. BUT: the majority of men come and enjoy themselves, as they say, "Up the Volume" - are girls and one night, and companion for the evening.

In the decency of most men who seek their happiness with us, can be questioned. Of course, in all there are exceptions, and happy 11,111,116. international marriages
- It is reality. But see above - a chance to remove the rose-colored glasses to those who think that Dolce Vita - only abroad.