Who is she - the heroine of our time, his eyes glossy magazines?

Who is she - the heroine of our time, his eyes glossy magazines? With a decrease in the value of an ideological component and a weakening of the state dictates 1,111,112. 11111111 women's magazines. again became commercial projects. Their performance today is not provided voluntarily, compulsory subscriptions, and depends on the proportion and quality of advertising, published on their pages.

Researchers note that the modern women's press is characterized by depoliticization and popular magazines created by Western models. Today's special editions have become a major channel of advertising. Their emphasis has shifted toward the formation of lifestyle and image of women as the dominant figures in society (family, management and entrepreneurship), oriented at a high level of professionalism and a healthy lifestyle, tending to self-actualization.

The purpose of today's glossy magazines - the formation of gender stereotypes and the creation of the label-culture, ie, lifestyle and when things are a prestigious brand become clear, visible and unambiguous to interpret the symbols of true masculinity or femininity.

Social stratification also affected this area: "Our audience - are active, educated and successful readers, which is 2-3 times more likely to afford expensive services and products," - Declares himself the new women's magazine.
The woman, looking at us from magazine photos, manifests itself through things. It acts as a photo model, mannequin to display things. Portrait of woman is at once a portrait of things. Bid advertised carcasses or cream, going to the shop recommended form the image of belonging to the image \"Ideal woman\" .

Glossy heroine of our time - a goal-oriented woman of the world, leading an active life, attending entertainment venues, nightclubs, casinos. She wants to be independent, self-sufficient and successful, to make their fortune with their own hands.

It is against the archaic and humiliating dividing the world into men and women, once and forever renounced dubious honor to wear the title of "weaker sex". In this case, is popular among men, and not in a hurry to be bound by any obligations, as has career ambitions or your own business.

Of great importance it attaches to its sex appeal, and, of course, attentive to appearance, regularly practiced special techniques preserve youth and beauty.

Children and a house in the illustrated women's magazines - only part of the image of femininity. Homework appears in these publications, but rather as a decoration at home (Article designers, florists and so on.) Cooking - not routine, but the possibility of creative fulfillment. Therefore, the recipes emphasis on originality and festive decoration.

Here's how to draw a portrait of her heroine is one of the fashion magazines: [i] "She was always young, because youth - not the age factor, and the state of mind. It is mobile, modern, self-confident, but it is constantly striving to upgrade. She knows how to enjoy life and knows his worth. Beauty, health, sex, love and career - those areas of life, where she consistently achieves success. She is active, loves to travel, but enthusiastically engaged in the home and family. Life does not frighten her: she was lively interest in new products designed to maximize ease household chores. Always abreast of the latest developments in the field of fashion and design. "1,111,119.

The essence of the "glossy" life systems - a fundamental lack of problems that can not be resolved. Above all, positive and tech approach plus dedication. It does not focus on the process of internal change and external circumstances which dictate to connect and use of an internal installation.

Triumph of positivity and good technology, which creates the illusion of meeting the desires and victory over life, makes it simple for her, struggling with the richness and diversity of life forms, its incompleteness and the presence in it open and unanswered questions.

Problem materials - with a "thick", tedious, annoying his verbosity magazines, reading which is almost always understand what he wants author and whether he wants anything at all. Glossy magazine built on the principle of the screen - see the plane, where everything is deployed in a surface shaped side. Principles of information processing is only to simplify - in pursuit of profitability, save time, energy and money.

Built by the journal in his "guard" its readers: the glossy pages can not cope with the components of life that can not take the pressure and force - illness, death, fate, in the end. As a result, expected a comfortable standard of reproduction of the magazine. Life is lived on the surface, a solid level. In the glossy model, nothing can be worse than the spring blues and beriberi. But they can beat a glass of orange juice in the morning and a glass of warm milk with honey at bedtime. It is flanked by a business day modern woman , Filled to overflowing large and small victories.

It creates the illusion that if the reader will wear the recommended dress or prepare for a favorite dish of the published recipe, it will be appreciated. These journals focus exclusively on the outer side of the problem, they advised, as always be beautiful and attractive, but say nothing about how to be smart, interesting as a person.

An example of a simplified view of life: "The modern woman lives in three speeds: fast, faster, faster. And so a nervous breakdown. But the hectic pace can be reduced - without damage to himself or others.

Discard ballast. Do not worry: give up too much - does not mean to be selfish or irresponsible to leave so that you dearly. You are only exempt from things that do not contribute to your life and take time from what you really need. Initially, you will certainly be tortured by guilt. After waiting around on your previous behavior and can clearly make you understand that you have changed. Of course, not for the better - from their point of view. Do not succumb to provocation: tell yourself that this waiver will allow you free time for something really important, what you've always dreamed of.

  Work. Revise your schedule - is it always necessary to stretch the working day for 10-12 hours? Outsource routine functions of the technical staff.

  Family. Spend time with people with whom you feel comfortable and pleasant. But consciously restrict communication with grumpy cousin or uncle-grouch.

  House. Avoid daily global harvest, distribute the duties among the family. If there is financial capacity, hire au pair. It is better to pay for the cleanup, but spend a day with your family.

  Friends. It makes sense to abandon long conversations with friends on the phone - better communicate less, but live, combining the meeting with a pleasant and useful: a walk in the park or meeting in a cozy cafe.

  Children. Limit electives for children under two at most. This will simplify life for you and your child. Give him the opportunity to choose on their liking.

  Hobby. Many of us have a whole list than I would like to do. Yoga, photography, hang gliding - all very interesting, but not both. Include common sense: for example, hang gliding is costly not only time but also money, and fish can not exist without constant cleaning aquarium. It is better to choose one thing.

  Social Life. Avoid these cases, unless they do not relate to very important issue for you.

  Internet and computer. Check your mail and LJ is not more than twice a day, set a good spam filter. "

Formed by the modern glossy magazines image of femininity, of course, does not reflect the real situation. Just as the lives of Soviet women was much brighter and wider than cliches and stereotypes, advancing from the pages of "Female" and "Peasant". Meanwhile, bad thing, if readers gloss will keep this in mind, in order not to be let in a glossy, but still an illusory world, playing on the life of a simplified fashion the role of consumer affairs.