Her husband left her for another. How to survive divorce and move on?

 Her husband left her for another. How to survive divorce and move on? Lay tears river beluga weep, if he left you. And if someone dares to interfere, trying to console or shame, Keep away him aside. So, from He just never left.

Howling in the shower and the pillow, softly whimper on a bench in a deserted park, silent cry in public transport, loud and desperate scream in nature ... when he left yesterday, a month ago or six months.

You're a living person and you do not have to restrain yourself when you cut without a knife and without anesthesia. When you are worried at the same time just three of the most heinous and intolerable feelings: shame, pain and fear.

When the mere thought that he had long come to you in bed with someone else, you feel sick, and turned inside out. And you do not remember the last time I ate, slept and breathed.

When you feel the heroine of a cheap series. And so disgusting because you have identified the victim's role in it (cheated wife) without your consent or knowledge. And from the banality and the limited plot wanted to howl.

Howling. He managed to destroy your ideal world in which the main character he was. And it seems that all has gone past: love, career and the most wonderful years. And all of your life - a continuous chain of failures.

 У беды богатая фантазия. Тебе вдруг покажется, что ты умираешь, и на какой-то миг ты даже захочешь этого. Но потом поймешь, что ты умерла уже давно, тогда, когда научилась обходиться, а потом и вовсе перестала испытывать потребность в жарком объятии и поцелуе мужчины .

The last thing you want to discuss all their problems. Strangers advice and opinions will only interfere understand their feelings and desires. But next to you will be very close and dear person: loyal and loving sister, mother or girlfriend that simply does not allow you to self-destruct.

Day and night you'll be frantically trying to find answers to your questions choking. How could this happen to me? What did I do wrong? Do you think I was deaf, where were my eyes? What I'm bad? What makes it better than me? But what about children? How to live on? ...

And then, when all life will you sifted through a sieve, the answers will come themselves. Neither intelligence nor charm, nor care, and even your верность, не могут являться прививкой от измены мужа . A naive and trusting - the trouble, and not your fault.

Daily change pretty young and faithful companions, homemakers and successful lady. You tried, and you have nothing to reproach himself. And smart kids, everyone will understand and become stronger. And she was not smarter than you, not beautiful, perhaps younger, but it's not her merit ...

And later you'll ask yourself is quite another matter. But is it really so good you were together? When and why his side did you stop believing in yourself? What exactly do you lose with his departure? When he was gentle and kind to you last time? And was it even love?

  "What does it mean to him alone, scoundrel, pebble fell in or what? But what am I, worse than all, or what? I can sing, and dance can. I'm happy ... And I do not like it at all. Just do not go out of my head. To impose on the soul " (From the film "Love")

You suddenly clearly understand. Your relationship was far from ideal: two or three years like, and then - a habit. And by the time the gap had no one to fight, otherwise you would not so easily surrendered.

You just missed each other. This is what happened to you before, that someone of your friends you are ahead in development, or vice versa. And then someone with someone getting very interesting. And you parted. So it is with husbands.

  "Then she understood clearly and bitterly, that forty years had been happy with a stranger, with absolutely a stranger ..." (V. Vishnevsky)

Once you have ceased to correspond to each other, so once appeared razluchnitsa . And there is no blame, because in the development of every man for himself. Someone still early, and someone ran forward. The interests of different ...

And in everyone's life comes a time when you want to talk and be with their peers. To those who understand you perfectly.

  Hear each other much more important than getting the flowers, perfumes, or clean socks, and a bowl of soup.

You'll have enough time to understand what your marriage disintegrated - Not treason (No one calls for the purpose to hurt you), no sorrow, no trouble, and not even an error. This is a lesson. And you - not a victim, not the victim and not abandoned, but simply a student, well learn that lesson.

  "And what is sinful and that spiritually write someone, not for us to judge ..." (From the song O. Mitiaeva)

And suddenly you'll be breathing, eating, sleeping. And, page after page, sozhzhesh diary, which recorded about their experiences. You will forget about the hurt, because they no longer make sense. Forgive me, because it has to be better for you, your children and ... for all.

  "But you forget - and will be easier ... And you forgive - and will have his day ... " (Vs. Olga Novikova)

With the departure of her husband's life would be different, but not worse. And you eventually learn to use the opportunities that will arise before you. You really like to take care of themselves, in the morning to prepare myself, not him breakfast ...

And after such a major cleaning in their thoughts, deeds, the house you will feel renewed, light and strong. Promoyutsya tear ducts, he brightened up all the receptors. And life does not seem so monotonous.

And no hysteria about the outgoing youth, because you know for sure that in 45, 55 and even 60 ... life is just beginning. You'll be remembered and beautiful events of your life together. Simply, they were overshadowed by what had happened, and you at the time had forgotten about them.

  I loved you, she knew how. We gave each other a lot. I take some responsibility for what went wrong, and I leave you your part. And let you in peace.

And it will not exclude the possibility of someday establish friendly relations with 11,111,156. ex-[/i] for the sake of your children and for themselves. After all, who said that a husband is more valuable than to have a good, proven friend?

  Sometimes we lose heavily and heart-rending that we do not need at all. We lose to understand what we need.

You take this imperfect world, and trying to make it even a little better, you start with yourself. You will have a strong desire to start a new business, travel, renew acquaintances and make new ....

A charming lady of the house you've been and admirably in this role. You finally want to go beyond wife and mother. And you will feel a great need for tenderness, a spiritual closeness, in trust 11,111,140. relations [/url] . Want to feel desired again.

And believe me, that very soon 11,111,154. your [/b] people smile and squeeze you to my firm and gentle. And he will sincerely interested in you and your impressions of life.

  "... And you believe - and believe ... Start your own - will range ...
And you open the door of inclination. And you love! - And your account ... "
(Vs. Olga Novikova)

But now you'll always remember that parting with her beloved sooner or later inevitable. And you'll appreciate every day with him. You'll be happy to take care of it without losing yourself in it.

And that does not cool your ardor a male hunter, again and again you will fascinate not only him but all the male population of the planet. To beloved did not think that you can not get away from him.

  "I want to be loved ... And I will! I want to be happy ... And Stan!
ABOUT LOVE ... never forget! A miracle to believe ... I will not stop! "
(Vs. Olga Novikova)

Now your life will be different from the present, right - sensible, wide-eyed and heart. You'll know about the suffering of others, and all your problems would be easily resolvable.

  "It's so easy to be happy, dear! It is necessary only to love what you have. And you have so much ... Do not feel sorry about your loss. The fact that you think the loss ... " (X/y "true values")