Why men bad dancing? Nonconstructive complaint ...

Why men bad dancing? Nonconstructive complaint ... Today I, the blood from his nose, anything to talk about the dancing men. Yes, just like "dancing figures" from Conan Doyle. In one of his 1,111,112. previous articles [/url] I wrote that: "... I never correlated the ability to easily men dance, modern and relaxed with the ability to be a good lover. People with disabilities in terms of wear is quite appropriate partners for sex, whereas the plastic macho, which wanted to pray on the dance floor, horizontally to perform only the missionary position, and that not more than one minute - the youth was taking its toll. "

However, just delete this description of men as the ability to move rhythmically, still not worth it. So, will share their observations and results of focus group, consisting of my girlfriends varying degrees of anger at the male sex.

Agree, style Dance Some men like baboon in hysterics or matrimonial game excavators. Especially in this respect resemble bright personality Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov from the movie "Heart of a Dog" when he sang and danced under the balalaika. Yes, so clearly that I was convulsed with laughter brings. Men my laughter seen as convulsions of delight and try more.

So rare is well танцующие мужчины, что вообще не встречаются. Только в программе «Танцы без правил», да и то мне там не каждый молодой человек нравится. Ведь помимо определенной пластики, должен совпадать типаж, например, высокий брюнет с синими глазами. Ну и где такого найти в ночном клубе? При этом молодой человек должен обладать кошачьей грацией (Not coltish and tiger), to be able to connect two words with the other thirty, to have money and good smell. The great rarity these instances. Here are some fertility and falls!

A lot of talk about that woman in marriage shall be dissolved, they say, grow fat and walk around the house in curlers and dressing gown. Again discrimination. If a woman has added weight after giving birth to two children, then put a brand: she "blossomed". If a man of forty, his stomach grows, as the eighth month of pregnancy, so it is "For a beer. Or "So my body adhesive qualities, my soul." Or "A good man should be a lot. Eat a lot, and not a "good man", that's what.

A nails ? You know that some men going under the toes, apart from foot fungus? My mother taught to cut the nails on the hands of time to the work was not ashamed. About the feet, apparently, my mother forgot to say, so grow those nails - Mama Do not Cry.

Women are painting the gray hair, and men's gray - that pleasant? Noble? What's the next myth? Sedina ages, dear man, use at least shading shampoo.

Tales about it, what a man unhappy because they have to shave every day, too, can I no longer tell. First, not every man's shaving every day. Looking at some, you know that every week, too. And secondly, to fight with vegetation on the legs, underarms and bikini area too, the average woman spends a certain amount of time. Not every day, but a couple times a week for sure. In this critical days we have not been canceled.