Why men are afraid of us?

Why men are afraid of us? In the near future, lifestyle and relationships will form a new type of men, whose feelings and actions are focused more on emotion and less - on the idea of power and resistance.

What is understood under the courageous, there is nothing more than a painful reaction to the vulnerable soul boy for such an inherently traumatic, and damaging education, in which the boy told that he will only be loved, when, without special excitement overcomes pain, physical and spiritual. Men need to be heroes and make his own life as a single wrestlers. Men faced with the need to prove their strength, their resilience, their sense of purpose.

The need to overcome scares men. The vast majority of them doomed to lose because, in a man's understanding, success can be only a few. Losers seek compensation in an effort to dominate women, children or subordinates. Despair, and secret fears losers who are afraid to fall short of expectations of parents, their everyday surroundings and women, forcing them to become aggressive and stay in the men's isolation - in a vicious circle of fear before the new possibility of failure.

Rigidity in relation to self and others men consider a virtue, but on the contrary, their feelings - weakness, which should not be trusted. Tucked away deep inside a desire to feel safe turns into its opposite. Stung and ultimately suffering - these are those whom we today call the brave. Men do not choose from this cell to until they learn to be honest and trust others.

Women inspire men fear it because they do not hide their inner world. Women do not hide their insecurity, their fears, their feelings, and that's what makes them strong. Women trust their feelings and seek to establish a spiritual intimacy with someone, that men perceive as a threat because they do not want to show themselves deceivers or too gentle souls.

The way out of this situation for men is the choice of a younger, subordinate or dependent material partner. With such a dual advantage of a classic male role can be maintained, at least in part. Imagine a woman who in no way inferior to him who feels himself equal to him, and, of course, frightens him. From such a woman a man running: it might affect him and persuade him to such views, which probably would be made to rethink his whole picture of the universe.

Nevertheless, the men claim that they are superior to women. His main argument they believe that they have a purely masculine qualities - aggressiveness. Very happy man forget that aggression is a product of fear. They forget also that their imaginary power is no more than an attempt to avoid the spiritual assessment and exclusion. In assessing his own inner world, the men realize that they are indecisive and unsure of yourself, and fear, as though it had found a strong woman. Their inner world is not available to women and other men, and therefore they lose the ability to a realistic perception of others.

Men take women is extremely limited. They got himself invented their own feminine way, have nothing to do with the real women, which is projected onto their distorted perceptions. In the men's presentation formed two very conflicting clichs: it must be both a prostitute and a saint. Holy should open the gates for HIM to the spiritual sanctuary, a refuge where he can feel free from the daily "little war" and their life fears. Minx must awaken and satisfy his desire to bring sensual pleasure, which, in his opinion, he deserves his hard life. Not self-confident man who can not realistically assess either himself or his world, needs to be subordinated to a woman in order to avoid their hidden internal doubts. If a woman has a variety of conventional signs cease to show a man that she is in a subordinate position, he begins to perceive her as a strong and pose a threat. His male stereotype is in danger.

Women are emotionally superior to men. Their co-operative, aimed at uniting the strategy belongs to the future. Men need to change themselves if they do not want to be left behind.