Who is the chief at the wedding, the bride or Unusual

Who is the chief at the wedding, the bride or Unusual "Man feels himself seven years older than the day after the wedding", - said Francis Bacon. Many men, perhaps, now under nodded and will complain about how women change after the wedding, etc. But in order to stop these unjustified minor mood, tell a few "horror stories".

Here in old time, for example, in Russia there are two types of weddings: drama and celebration. A second all clear, but the first is characterized by the fact that since the agreement bride with her mother and her friends began to moan incessantly. It's not so bad - sometimes called the wedding a special voplennitsu, which, as is evident from the title, howled and wailed, introducing the bride and others in the state of unbearable tragedy. Imagine my state, when the first wedding night waiting for you so there "howler"?

By the way, passively weeping bride - this is not the worst, honorable young men. For example, according to the Mongolian wedding ceremony, after the guests left, the mother of the bride puts on her skirt, or a stone ax. This means that "the family firmly welded together as a stone or iron, but give the bride to hand melee weapons or a heavy boulder in the very early family life - it might be for the future is fraught with her husband.

But the most unlucky men to a certain tribe in Rwanda (Central Africa). As is customary, after the wedding ceremony, the bride goes to the house to the groom - but not for the fact, as you might now think. Young woman silently and mercilessly ... cause wounds and scratches to her husband, who has no right to utter a word. The battle continued without interruption through the night and can bear such devastating consequences that crumbling wall of the hut. Then the wife goes to her parents' house to sleep and gain strength - and the next night all over again. Finally, when the bride and tired of all this is when the husband is not a single living space, she finally allows him to take off ... no, not a dress, but only a veil, and only after that family life is a normal. Instead, they say, then the newlyweds never quarrel, and why - not hard to guess.

Is not it better mood and have the potential suitors one nation, in South India. A young girl is officially getting married ... only three days, after which the husband is obliged to divorce her and leave her home forever. Then, before the young lady opened unprecedented horizons - she has the right to have as many lovers as long as you wish, but what people are doing at this time the men in Exile - history is silent. By the way, in some regions of Brazil, if the husband finds out about his wife's lover, he first invited him to hunt, and then invites to stay in his house as a second husband (if you do not shoot randomly, probably).