Who is Lily B.? The mystery of his heart

Who is Lily B.? The mystery of his heart First, a thin line of stars in the sky seemed strangely familiar, close and warm to the touch. Strela-imagination flew through space and time, and I realized that I had come to a meeting with the wrong girl. In my head somehow spun just one line:

  "If the stars are lit, then it ..."
A more vivid image of two ladies.
Both girls are young and very cute, but one of them strongly resembled something shiny and bright, beautiful, like a star in the sky.

Confident step young Mayakovsky is beside the girl. That is the one that emits light. I understand from the conversation that her name - Lily. Beautiful, pleasant, sonorous. Here are just simply can not listen to myself and to understand: why the name Lily makes me so much emotion? And perhaps not a name at all, but this strange image?

They Mayakovsky said about the stars. Now I'm starting to come back ...

  "... If the stars are lit, it means ..."
... No! Nothing that does not mean! Near Mayakovsky was not Lily! This is clearly the one, two, different, strange girl! He was cool with it, but reading to her now familiar to me until it hurt, "If the stars are lit ..." in a tone that seemed just wrote it all for this very strange woman to his heart.

I seem to feel that the one other girl (or third ... tenth, - I can already understand the account) - an illusion, a translucent haze. Suddenly, and Mayakovsky himself becomes slightly visible in the evening dress of the world, and falls off the fog of sleep from my eyes! ..

Wake up. Minutes to do everything on the machine, but when the eyes are no longer stick together from a dream, finally, I understand that my subconscious has opened before me another of his secrets, of knowing that my body ran a light silk warm breeze.

I remember that I know about Mayakovsky and poetry in general. Quickly realize that the answer is simple: practically nothing.

Lily (as Mayakovsky himself called it) Brick was an amazing man, precisely because of its light poet burned so bright, though "burned" so quickly. But is it true "burned"? I love Lily died to the poet? I do not think that's true. Such strong feelings, as they quickly do not die.

Who said that feelings were only Mayakovsky? Poet madly adored Lily. It is true, which is difficult to argue. But Lily could not hurt either that the endless canvas on which Mayakovsky gave vent to his feelings.

Why do I say this with such certainty? It's not on the basis of night vision or an empty fantasy. I just carefully read his letters to her and Lilichkiny answers to these same letters, all sorts of memories for me, too, were a kind of revelation. In love Lili Brik and Mayakovsky, from whom we have left so many interesting, yet enchanting sea secrets. The most amazing thing that anyone can touch that magic feeling, we need only open the desired book.

Anyone who says or ever talked about the dark side of the relationship between Brick and Mayakovsky, and other similar associations in brightness (unless, of course, such alliances exist), just never tried to feel that light energy that is stored in these respects, no later a decade ...

This strange dream that I told you, introduced me to another facet in the field of relationships between man and woman. I felt the love of one person can be transformed into light feelings of another. Apparently, so inflamed feelings of love, Lily Mayakovsky, the same way, years later, his feelings and emotions affected me.

In my environment was a girl, whose name was Lily. It seemed to me the most usual, and I felt for her no special feeling. Unexpectedly, I suddenly began to notice that she was to me more and more like it. It was there something familiar. And only after this dream, I realized that, reading the letter to Lily Mayakovsky (they are saturated with extraordinary feeling and light), I programmed myself for feelings to the girl with whom I have associated the name of Lili Brik.
Simply put, I followed the Mayakovsky fell in love with "wrong" Lily. But these warm feelings so impressed me that I realized: this is "the thing that!".