Why romance stars?

Why romance stars? Girls insidious. Especially in the Romantic period. Sometimes after a romantic meeting is conscious of himself on the edge of civilization, a lone female dormitory, in pitch darkness. Night at the yard. Deaf. Romance! Lights do not burn (or they simply do not), but we need somewhere to go. So, choosing at random the way, you bredesh aimlessly, or rather, where not looking. Moonless night, the sky - sheeted. In short, if the eye.

Roads represent only a lonely hurry home machine. But where were they going? Home, sweet home, where are you? Thank you for hooligans have already quietly sleeping in their beds. Caring mothers already otpoili their strong tea and pushed under the bed popachkanny basin. Only you, romantic, bredesh unknown. Underfoot is a ditch, or some rubbish. But the legs are still intact.

And suddenly, the heavens, corner of my eye noticed a cheerful wink. One star, two stars, and best of all - five stars ... And now they wink at each other in the glades of clouds and fun to laugh: "Where are you bredesh, romantic? Your house in the other side. "Thanks to the ancient writers, which are located in the sky illustrate their stories of sexual abuse. If they do not, then where would you be? Here, finally, the guiding star'll see you through. Forward! Or rather, back! And then, finally, home sweet home.

  And how will star romance?

Of course, the main thing - these are the most depraved tales of the inhabitants of Mount Olympus, descending to earth nice plump, lonely languishing in the towers. That in the form of golden rain, then - some of the animal with horns and hoofs. All these stories are very romantic and exciting. However, today many of them can be attributed to bestiality or even what more abruptly.

Quiet lying down in a haystack under cold August air, dotted with diamond stars, you can remember about the Zodiac. And also about the planet, and other aspects of astrology. But should not get involved. Since it may be that girl in astrology is much more expert. Otherwise - it's just boring.

And, you can remember the basics of occultism and the legendary Hermes Trismegistus, with its emerald, I mean the emerald tablets. In them, he wrote that all that up, like what is below. Occultists people think that all this literally. Orions there in the sky, all the swans and other fowl. Just like on Earth. But in the annex to the orientation on the sky is called the projection similarity. Just as that. And the mysterious crystal spheres of ancient today called the celestial sphere, which are projected onto the stars and other luminaries. And as the Earth with its poles and the equator.

But the primary help the romance of the stars is that they always will point him the right way. Compass can go to the buried fifty years ago, a huge tank. Sun in the romantic time is no longer shines. In the Navigator, the batteries run down. And go right.

  What you need?

First we need to explore these very stars. Their mutual affection. Learning by using the star maps and atlases. Better yet, buy a planetarium program. Only occasionally have to run out into the yard to check the sky. The most advanced version of the training - a mobile planetarium-navigator. Worth it's pretty expensive, but it does not have to run home to spy on your computer. All cards on hand, but still they are determined on the sky by themselves.

The relative position of the stars need to learn so that under a separate segment of the sky to find out where the North Pole (or South). Everyone knows the example with two buckets Bear. This picture is painted in children's books. As far from the "stick" side "bucket" is the Pole at a distance of five segments between the bottom and lid. The same scheme can be constructed and other characteristic shapes. For example, the square of Pegasus, or the Great Summer Triangle.

To clear idea about where are some of the celestial sphere and how they relate to the Earth, we must at least in general terms, imagine a spherical geometry. In general, you must have a good spatial perception. If your future romantic still breathing heavily in the crib, it is best to start educating spatial thinking, at 4-5. Relying on high-school drafting or the institute's "nachertalku" impossible. They simply formalize existing thinking. Who has not had time - that was late.

Of course, one must understand very well why we North (or South), and where do we need to go. Without knowledge, at least in general terms, maps, where you are, will not come.

  What else can help the stars?

A romantic encounter could result in not so casually, as described at the beginning. After such a "holiday" can wake up in another dark place. So that the stars are visible only in the slit of the shed, and Polaris behind the nearest hill. And the first question in this situation there are not two eternal Russian question, and - "Who am I?" And "Where am I?". And the second question, just, and will help answer the stars. Should only be clear what the stars appear in a moment of the day and time of year. For example, if you suddenly discovered that over his head among the summer ascended Orion, this is clearly not Russia. This is, indeed, North America. And if the overhead does not contain any "romantic" constellation, sent into the sky by the ancient Greeks, but a solid technique and geometry (the Southern Cross, or the Octant), then there is clearly closer to the South Pole than the North. If overhead Zodiac, then there is already near the equator.

  And what can not help the romance?

In search of a way, many children, and often not children's books to send us something to mosses and lichens, by overgrown grass and tilted trees or even ant houses. That the churches and cemeteries.

The trouble is that all these objects makes no difference where the north or south. Lichens love humidity, the grass and ants - heat. And the trees lean at all in different directions. Or, depending on the wind, or moving away from the paths (oh, they do not like us, Romantics). During the construction of churches may be errors of measurement. In short, to rely on all this - so do not love yourself and hope for the Russian "maybe", that this romance is absolutely unpardonable. And in general in the "romantic" hour of all this is not visible. As with maps, compass and road under their feet.