What attracts and what dangers of love all four? Part 1

What attracts and what dangers of love all four? Part 1 "I want to invite our friends - couples - sharing partners", - has shared with me one friend. "Swing?" - I asked. "Well, yes, - no hints of embarrassment in her voice she replied.

The statement is neither protests nor not been surprising, but it's cunning to say that I accepted the it as a matter of course. I can not call myself a hypocrite, but it all seemed somewhat wild. Maybe I was just overtaken by events? Is this meant to marriage experts, when told that the husband and wife is desirable to have a common hobby that they could do at least once a week?

  Swing? Swing!

As it turned out, swing - the motion, gaining in strength with each passing year more and more, the number of supporters of this form of recreation is growing steadily. According to research data, in the largest cities in Russia every eighth pair tries to close with another couple and every twentieth doing this how-ever regularly. Number of fans svingerstva growing by about 1 percentage point per year. If this trend continues, then after 15 years in Russia they will deal with one-fifth of all families and romantic couples. It seems that our eyes is born a new form of sex. Not for her - the future?

 [i] Where the wind blows 1,111,119.

Of course, this "genre" of sexual relations - not a new phenomenon, en masse, and practiced in ancient Rome, and among the Eskimos, and in some primitive cultures (think, do not recall what they have there the affair ended). Indifferent to the swing and some higher apes.

The rapid 20th century has to swing a sort of "Renaissance". Svingerstvo started to take shape in the movement among American hippies. His birth it must epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, which began to cut the ranks of supporters of free love. Hippies believed that sexual contact with people, legally married - the best means of protection from unpleasant diseases of the genitourinary system. Today swingers fighting for recognition of their movement official, actively promoting this form of socio-sexual activity, publish their own newspapers and magazines.

 [i] Club Interest 1,111,119.

Modern community swingers prefer to protect themselves absolute closeness. In this environment has its own code of honor, calling "to protect the anonymity of swingers, to refrain from unauthorized mention names." Furthermore, according to the Ten Commandments swingers, totally excluded forcing someone to swing, trying to destroy marriage, contempt of partners, as well as conducting any illegal activity, tarnishing the "circle of associates."

They find each other meek, above all, the World Wide Web. It is enough to drive in any search engine the word "swing", and before the eyes appear more than a dozen references to various sites and forums that provide comprehensive information on a topic of interest. Some resources can arrange a meeting with like-minded.

Most of the meeting of the club of interest "occurs in ordinary restaurants or clubs. And since they did not know each other in person, they agree on some kind of conventional signs, enabling to see her among strangers. For example, in Moscow, these modern Stirlitz come to a meeting in black wide-brimmed hats. Typically, a prerequisite of entry into the "club" is a pair, but sometimes it is not necessary.