Why men do not understand women? Part 1

Why men do not understand women? Part 1 Amazing creation of 11,111,117.
"The Power of Women in the fact that it can not be explained by psychology," - said Oscar Wilde. Women in all ages fascinated, captivated and astonished men as their appearance and their behavior. Today on the fine half of mankind is said so many words - and the praise and ironic - that if you collect them in one big book, then, according to French writer Andre Maurois, it will be that of a few million pages. When one friend of the writer wondered why "several million", not specifically - two or three, Maurois said: "Because, my dear, that when you talk about women, to be precise it is simply impossible!"

We offer the reader a small selection of historical anecdotes, in which women behave differently, but always interesting, unexpected and, of course, illogical. In any case, with the male perspective.
So, are women ...

... [b] Strange 11,111,117.
French writer-humorist Alphonse Allais once in a narrow circle of friendship forever said:
- I can confidently say that women never listen to what they say, except to talk about love or money.
One of the companions began to object, and then Alia, to prove his innocence, suggested an experiment.
Once they had come together for dinner. Especially for being late, Alla said the hostess:
- Sorry, dear, but we had time to kill one old lady rentier, which we did. It's us and detained.
- It does not matter - said the lady with a charming smile. - Now we can finally sit down at the table.

... [b] witty

Some inexperienced, and therefore self-confident men deny women their wits. And all for nothing. Here are just three quick examples:
Some importunate lover, a man without a doubt, the rich, but just as unceremoniously as a question to the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, that he should give her, so she "took him a kiss." Obviously, this gentleman thought his proposal is very gallant, original and easily enforceable. But the answer actress brought him first into confusion, and then fled. The movie star said:
- Chloroform!

... Russian writer Ivan Bunin, one of his letters to the novelist N. Teffi, his old friend, graduated the following phrase:
"I kiss your hands and things-dryuchki!"
Two days later he received her answer and at the end of the letter is:
"If the pen though rarely, but kiss me, then things-dryuchki already 50 years no kiss!"

... Faina Ranevskaya, the celebrated actress, already being in solid years, was once in his dressing room ... completely naked. Do the actors sometimes a desire to get rid of clothes, give your body a rest, then to re-wear a theatrical costume before going on stage. She stood there and smoked. Suddenly her without knocking came manager of the theater. And when he saw "a naked Mach", stricken still. Ranevskaya calmly asked:
- You are not shocked that I smoke?

... "Inspirational"
In the preface to the book "Principles of Electronics" Italian scientist Albert Malvina can read:
"This book is dedicated to Joan, my talented and beautiful wife without whom I would have stayed dud. It comforts me in difficult times, never complaining about life, does not interfere in my affairs, endure all the hardships and writes dedication to my books. "

... 11111117 envious.
The famous French actress Brigitte Bardot in an interview told a curious story. Once, returning from another trip - this time from the U.S. - the actress had brought from this trip an excellent (and, of course, very expensive) mink coat. Her secretary, seeing new clothes, immediately exclaimed: "How lovely! How did you buy it? ". Bardo said honestly that in the U.S., she met a gentleman that was in my pocket was 5,000 dollars ...
Several months later, her secretary took holidays and also went to the U.S.. When she returned, then appeared before the Bardo in exactly the same coat. "Amazing! - Cried the actress. - How did you manage to buy such an expensive fur coat? "At this first secretary scornfully grinned and then replied:
- Yes, just like you! But I had to do to meet a hundred gentlemen, each of which had fifty dollars in his pocket ...

... [b] Weak

Very solid French newspaper "Le Figaro" a few years ago spoke about a curious case, in Paris. In one of the poorest and most densely populated areas of the French capital Marianne N., serves as the department of social security, went to see how a family lives, which the worker dropped a few years ago. To his surprise, in a corner of this modest home, she saw six children - one smaller than ... Burning with curiosity, she could not resist and asked the hostess, who is the father of these children. "As someone, my husband, of course!" - The woman answered. "But listen, do not cast your husband, as you say, five years ago? But your youngest, seems to have no more than a year ... ". "Of course, threw! - Woman answered, slightly embarrassed. - But you see what it was, from time to time he comes to ask for forgiveness ... "

... enterprising
The famous pianist Ignace Paderewski XIX century came as something performed in a small American town. When you walk on it, he saw one ugly house a modest plaque: "Miss Jones taught to play the piano. The lesson - one dollar. " A teacher herself at this time performed with large errors Chopin nocturne. Paderewski came to her, silently sat at the piano and played a nocturne.
The next day, Paderewski once again stopped at the familiar house, he saw a large sign: "Miss Jones. Pupil of the great Paderewski. Lesson - five dollars. "

... false
On the unreliability of women's oaths and, in general, women's speech, said many. But so far not translated simpletons who believe in that word. The personification of female insecurity may be a famous French courtesan Ninon de l'Enclos. The legendary beauty, derange the whole of Paris, led an independent life, indulging their whims, and drove his outstanding knowledge of many people. Her beauty shaking the contemporaries, whom she charmed even in the last years of his life, and she lived 85 years.
In the 40 years she was a "novel" with the Marquis de Lashatrom. Marquis, unconscious in love with Ninon, starting the campaign, asked her for a receipt that it will keep him faithful until the end of the company. It implicitly gave him a receipt, and Lashatr left. Ninon de l'Enclos, once he has found a replacement, then often laughed and lamented: "Oh, how about a receipt, which I gave Lashatru!"