Why men do not want to marry?

Why men do not want to marry? Autumn and winter, oddly enough - a traditional time for weddings.

Well, prepare for this celebration, all filled with excitement in anticipation of the holiday.

Bride - just beautiful, the groom - a gallant fellow. Relatives and close friends gathered together, rushing, running around, joking and nervous.

So the wedding took place. As usual, getting ready for six months to this date, and flies feast in minutes.

And then what - a real honeymoon or a nightmare period of quarrels and misunderstandings? The years of happy life, or the collapse of all hopes, illusions and life plans?

Period begins when the young couple to realize that they have entered a new sphere of life where they are assigned the role of husband and wife. It is important not how much you have free time (unless you decide to start a seed), but how you use it.

Before the birth of the child should have time to solve the accumulated psychological problems and develop a positive style of interaction. After all, often the bride and groom are preparing for a wedding more than to family life.

Long before the wedding of young people may already be friction, conflicts, misunderstandings, and mutual claims. Marriage, as it is not surprising, can only exacerbate the problem unsolved. Up until that something is dropping out consciousness, but ended up firmly in the subconscious, something just did not want to think, but something and deliberately conceal.

How much talking among themselves bride and groom before the wedding? Or more simply talking, but most of the time spent on common hangouts?

And if you remember how it all began? Courtship, flowers, romance, intrigue - love going through several stages in its development.

But why only after the wedding, the man realizes, finally, that you had one and only? Why not after the first kiss or the first night of love? Why do they need so much time to understand a simple truth: you're made for each other.

Maybe it's only male privilege, and we understand this is not given? Women in the matter of marriage more liberated and more quickly understand who they need.

Quite different is the case with young people: ponder, wonder, pull up to the last. Of course, everything can be attributed to the fact that the man - being polygamous, and it's hard to live a life with one woman. But such an assertion at least offensive to women.

Can not we fall in love with several men at once? Meet with one and flirt with others? Dreaming about a Swedish family, in the end.

The first, which is afraid of a man - is to lose freedom. If it's a boy, not yet work up, then the matter clear. And if a man who for 40, still has never married, that's all. He became wild, not tamed, obviously some certain irregularities in a person's subconscious.

Secondly, a man hides his obviously "dark" past. For example, he already had the experience of marriage, of course, unsuccessful. A divorced man is afraid to repeat his mistake, so he will be long for you to study before deciding on a wedding.

You may have to live with him in a civil marriage, that he was convinced that you are very different from his first wife, and family conflicts, you will be much less.

Pressure on the divorced man is not worth it. If he truly loves, give him time and he would come himself. When a previous marriage ended tragically experience, that is your chosen one's ex-wife died, and since then he has no room for a long time not to get stuck, it is possible that he simply can not be with someone for a long time.

Sometimes a man for a long time checks feelings as their own, and yours. He is afraid that he loves you not strong enough for marriage, this means that the desired stage has not yet begun.

He was pleased to spend time with you, make love, but to live with you he is not ready. Perhaps he was too young or just not ripe for a serious relationship.

This happens quite often. And the best advice for you - find someone who will meet your needs. Since most of the immaturity of men destroys your relationship after the marriage, even if they were perfect before him.

Often marriage interfere with military and single comrades potential husband: they believe that after the wedding will not be as much as before. Their friendship for centuries now much altered.

Unmarried young men are proud of their unmarried. For their wedding - a betrayal of their male ego and faithful friends. They believe (in principle, it is so) that after his marriage with his friends spend so much time as before, no longer happens.

In addition to the fear of the wedding and cohabitation with a woman a man could frighten the fact that he is financially not so consistent, to support his family.