Why parted good people? "Are you well, but I have to get married!"

Why parted good people? "Are you well, but I have to get married!" It is said that two worthy people, male and female, not meant to be together, as good women on the first try did not agree to marry, and good men had twice failed to offer. But it is actually more difficult and confusing. For example, he found it, they have a close relationship, all is well, with warmth and joy. But now a young lady says: with you well, but I have to get married! Sounds like an ultimatum. And what should he do?

There is a simple answer - to get married. Logically, if you're a girl happy, then there is no choice, as Socrates said: "Marry sure, will get a good wife - will be the exception if bad - will become a philosopher." In principle, and that both fine: perhaps, philosophers in the country will be more, maybe a happy exception. I do not know what is best.

But just at first glance. Thus, a second glance.

1. Not quite right to take action and make decisions under threat. The content of the ultimatum "with you well, but I have to get married" can be translated so. Dear, you suit me, I'll even love. But this is not the main thing in my life, I have quite a few years, I do not want to feel like time is running out, so you do not declare: "I stand at the restaurant, marry late, die sooner. I I want to get married ! And since you do not you call me, I'll find someone who will fulfill my desire, with dances, songs and voluntarily.

There are two ways to respond.

First: to wish happiness in his personal life, be happy that a young lady confessed that you - a way to get long-awaited status of "married" and then start to build their lives on the other decent woman, unless, of course, such a find.

Second: You can translate words ultimatum in a normal, constructive dialogue. For example: I do not like the tone of your statement, but I understand you. Maybe we should discuss whether we can get married, how we live At any price, prepared for this, I want to be with you, so you need to understand your and my desires. Further negotiations, I think, not very simple. There is one difficulty: the negotiations are possible, if two people are not far away from civilization to meet only their own interests, not caring about your neighbor.

Thus, it will be possible to maintain relationships and make it clear that the ultimatum in a close relationship are not allowed. And the result may be different. I admit that the man would understand right ladies and decide - let such a happy family life will get someone else, or it will come to the conclusion that the haste to make statements, but must be together [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-1605/] build relationships 1,111,119. , Which then can be formalized. There are other options.

2. She risks. If a man really expensive, it can simply lose. For example, it is not an ultimatum, said: you're right, you really need to find someone who will go to the registrar and details about you. All go.

It is suspected that a decent girl can successfully get married, but my husband always leaves something to be desired, but the best will inevitably be the one who was good before, and from whom she ran away "in marriage." Do I have so thoughtlessly risk?

3. It is useful even think that's what. Maybe they have lived for 50 years would be together happily, [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-26070/] not registering the marriage 1,111,119. Without telling the State that now he is married, and she followed him. But when the question is raised in the form of an ultimatum, and agree not, the good people simply deprive themselves happy life together. Should I insist?

I see nothing wrong with the marriage, but it must be measured and responsible step. It is expensive, both for him and for her. I have observed that in the joint venture "Family", as a rule, a woman puts herself as a man, except myself, and everything else. But this is a separate issue.