How to learn online?

How to learn online? Leave thoughts about dating on the World Wide spodvig me another bitter experience of my old friend. I write next, because the Internet is trying to get acquainted with surprising regularity, and the result each time is not just sad and depressing. I quote here the mechanism by which it operates, and each time tolerate failure.

This home has access to the Internet. One climb in her computer, I discovered that the tabs in the "Opera" in her solid dating sites, even the front page is opened on this site. And then a friend at all of these dating sites pozapolnyala questionnaire, but ... All the same, and the questionnaire, it should be noted, "walk" from one site to another, and the guys see the same beaten up. Another point - the photo, which she inserts - not her, although it's cute - the girls of model appearance.

It turns out that from the first seconds of contact potential boyfriend is waiting for cheating (which is found at the meeting. And at the same meeting begins ascertain GDA is the beauty of a site and why, instead it came the usual girl). Anya was the name of my friend, like many others, the Internet, and just a computer "sucks" so much so that she would sit for 3-4 hours of the night and periodically delivers the full list of mistakes, remembering to stop mourn for another foul. For example, when the gentleman asked her to describe herself, she went with the speed at which she was capable, had got a letter in response to type "dark hair, brown eyes, medium height ...». All anything, but now with pictures of her profile on the man looked magnificent tall leggy blue-eyed blonde ... Plus, without sleep half the night, morning, girlfriend looks like, whatever the make-up tricks, to put it mildly, not very presentable, and feels after the next vigil is clearly not ready for real acquaintances.

Now a few words about the content of communication. Of course, platitudes will not get far. And they, these phrases, feel it! But tell me, please, as without them, if the contact list of at least 50 boys and constantly emerging new (after all, in the form soooo blonde by not walk!), And all these new guys once again set in the old questions, which are also certainly copied from a letter in the letter. That's a vicious circle. There is a way out, of course. Respond to each separately. But the patience one must have - th-th! (After all, in the form blue-eyed blonde!).

How to be the choice of the guy who "fits"? Well, who needs what. Anya looks great love, and Anya are looking to breed to ... She was particularly incensed when the meeting came three men, and calmly explained that all of them with her enough space and they will be stagnant. As she ran away from them, she still does not understand and does not remember his feet so quickly fled. This is a dangerous result of Internet dating. And here's another one. He wrote to her as a boy, so gentle, she thought, well, finally got a virgin-romantic, or at worst, simply romantic. No such luck! She came to the meeting. Behind her runs, turns to him and at once passionately kissing, pushing simultaneously into the hands of the flowers, girl, it turned out, non-traditional.

What's with Anya was not, but what I heard. Occur in the web by men who create the form, put the photo handsome actor, learn and then into the conversation, find out where she lives, then say that the type of fly in from far away to rest, and nowhere to live. The girl, realizing that maybe it's her future wealthy fiance and her future at all hurried to the airport, and at this time rogue rob her apartment.