Why only made the boys? Girls?

Why only made the boys? Girls? From boys and girls, we expect from a completely different behavior. This difference can be expressed in two words. Boys, we say: "Do it!", The girls: "Do not do it!"
SH.P. Gilman (American writer and feminist)

It's hard not to agree that men and women - there are very different, but most people found it difficult to determine what these differences and the level at which they pass. Men and women think, feel and speak differently, which is quite natural, given the different functions they perform.

Men and women are dissimilar - it's a fact, however, to communicate effectively (build successful family, partner, love relationship) must meet one important condition. Expectations of each other! According to Danish writer Karen Blixen, "a man and a woman - two boxes, which contain the keys to each other.

What are the men's about what should be a woman? How to imagine a woman's ideal man: how he looks, what qualities have, what is interesting and noteworthy? At what age are formed these ideas?

A specific answer to these questions can become a study of adolescents from twelve to fourteen years old, vacationing at a summer camp.

Participants of the experiment was proposed to divide into four teams: two teams of boys, two girls teams - to a result was four portraits:

1. Ideal girl eyes of young people.

Beautiful, kind, well-dressed, stylish, sociable, able to listen, understand, slender, with long hair, gentle, non smoking, loves children, healthy, with good figure, sports.

2. Ideal girl eyes girls.

Beautiful, stylish, graceful, charming, thrifty, a good cook, nice, business, looks after himself, neat, educated, intelligent, kind, attentive, responsive.

3. Ideal young man eyes of young people.

Strong, reliable, with the right acquaintances, rich, intelligent, confident himself, strong, pumped up, computer literate, good drives a car, responsible, reputable, kind, educated and polite.

4. Ideal young man eyes girls.

Strong, intelligent, rich, confident, serious, good, educated, polite, considerate, sensitive, humorous, stylish, well-danced, nenagly, talented.

On the task allotted fifteen minutes, all teams coped with it, placing the signs mentioned in descending order of significance.

The most important, meaningful expectations - a man must be strong and beautiful woman - completely coincide. And the young man and the girl must be good, well bred and polite. Wealth and intelligence are important for the ideal young man - they are on both lists are present in the top five, self-confidence is also necessary for male quality. For girls it is important to be stylish and graceful. However, that agreement ends in expectations.

For example, young people are absolutely not important intellectual qualities of the girl, the category of mind is not on the list of "perfect girl eyes of young people. But young people celebrated the ability to communicate with the girls: sociable, able to listen, understand. It is quite natural in this list there is a significant block on the exterior: a beautiful, well dressed, with long hair, with a good figure. And also the block on health is probably focused on the ability to have children: health, smoking, sports, loves children.

Girls pay great attention to their appearance: beautiful, stylish, slim, looks after himself, nice. It is noteworthy that for girls it is important to have business talents: shopping, good cook, which probably is the result of suggestion: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Perhaps this woman's wisdom, because young people are economic quality is not important and not on the list. Although it is possible that the saying refers specifically to men, not boys, are still not particularly think, as the process of consumer services. Block characteristics responsible for interaction with others: kind, attentive, responsive, located in the bottom of the list. Consequently, for a girl the ability to build relationships with people is much less important than his looks.

For a young person is important and good physical shape (strong, strong, pumped up), and practical skills (computer literate, good drives a car), and status in society and quality, responsible for its achievement (self-confident, with the right acquaintances, responsible, authoritative, well-bred, polite).

Girls expect from young people, in addition to power and wealth, demonstrating the qualities needed to build close relationships: sensitivity, attention, courtesy and seriousness of the intentions and relationships. It is noteworthy that young people should be confident but not arrogant, serious but with a sense of humor. Considered as an ideal is not haphazard, at random, but represent a definite structure: polar characteristics (confidence, not arrogance) define the boundary display quality. And the young man must be gifted - gifted, unusual, exceptional - with such a companion funny, interesting and never boring ...