Why Russia harem, or anything wrong Zhirinovsky and Bari Alibasov?

Why Russia harem, or anything wrong Zhirinovsky and Bari Alibasov? In a puddle of floundering drunkard.
Frenchwoman: "Fu, drunk!"
American woman: "Whew, beggar!"
Russian: "Drunks ... poor ... nobody's ... mine! "

Descended to a plinth!

Struck an ad in the newspaper: "An intelligent man 37/182. I live alone, seeking a woman for intimate encounters disinterested in my territory. Marriage, commerce, courtship is not an offer. Tel: ... "

I translate into Russian: "terribly handsome. I want - and that's that! Come, I will have three minutes, I'm intelligent vye ... Only without sentimentality, to eat and drink and take with a ".

Surely on this phone will ring?

I shared my indignation with her friends. And for them in this story - nothing surprising. One told of a friend, you 1,111,114. 11,111,115 husband. even before the wedding, asked: "And you'll be on my hands?" She giggled then - thought he was joking. Not laughing was when there were children, and her question about the money for life and nutrition husband answered another question: "Did you have a prostitute, so I gave you money?"

"But really - I thought - how about women, and children are to grow and operate, and contain themselves, but with all the washing, feeding and cherish her husband on legal responsibilities!"

That's what it means in Russia overabundance of free women! Any wino can be calm - his share will definitely find a woman. Obstiraet, prigolubit, feed him, give birth to children, and she herself would be to educate them and provide.

Is there a way to save our women from 1,111,116. alcoholics [/url] ? Done It does not pick up alcoholics do not marry them, do not give birth to them. It is true, then women will be free even more than today's 9 million and that we must, women simply rally around healthy men. Suppose that in the form of oriental harems. They say they have been used in Russia, after the devastating wars.

If polygamy - the bride in a deficit, and among men - real competition for the same as in the animal world, the right to leave offspring. Muslims, for example, can not afford to get drunk and lazy - just stay without a woman.

"I believe in polygamy, and we have guys with no regard for the church threw him a drink: would make a rigorous selection of the market suitors", - considers the well-known theoretician of love, a writer and playwright Leonid Zhukhovitsky.

 Why Russia harem, or anything wrong Zhirinovsky and Bari Alibasov? Exotic initiative of polygamy in Russia voiced several times, and somehow always - Men: odious Zhirinovsky, shocking Bari Alibasov ... Very strange. If we think, then at the man, then placed a greater burden on the content of this family.

  If I were a sultan,
I would have had three wives
And the beauty of the triple
I would be surrounded.
But on the other hand,
In such cases
So many troubles and worries
Oh, save Allah!

It should be [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E6%E5%ED%E0/] 11111115 wives. -Children to feed, clothe, shoes, big house contain, perhaps, not one house in the 6-meter kitchen garemchik not last long. It is strange that for a harem male advocate.