Why men are happier?

Why men are happier? Indeed, why? Look, they are also very often happier than us women. Where have you seen a disgruntled man? He may be unhappy with his boss, salary, his wife, but not themselves. Man is self-sufficient to simplicity. And happy. What else to expect from such simple creatures? Forgive him his life like his simple joy.

My full name, he wears the same life. Never was observed in men tendencies to change names. And besides, he is usually satisfied with his last name. He is proud that can generously give their name personages of the opposite sex and reward of its children. And to reward her son is and his name, the man makes an elegant dummy - he adds to his name the title of "Senior" (which gives it more weight in society), and offspring confers the title of "Junior." And when it becomes Junior Senior, is castling and all repeats in a circle.

A man has at least something of their own personal in house: his garage. Just can not imagine a woman telling "my garage." You have these met? I - no.

A wedding? You've seen men hlopochuschih about their wedding? All is solved completely without their participation. Everything is done by someone else, leaving only a man merry bachelor. If the wedding dress is 5000, then rolled his coat he knocks hole just stoshku, and yet this coat will languish mute reproach in his closet all his life, as weary of her dress. ("Hear, my mother told me ....», - she thinks." Properly speaking to her mother ...», - he thinks. And far from a suspected her of wanting to reuse this dress. Otherwise, the man does not understand why store one-time fee).

Chocolate for a man is not an idol or a fetish, but just another kind of food. In addition a man can become president even while can never be pregnant. (If in November we will be Billary lady president, it is also not threatened - still running up to her, the trainee is precipitated).

A man can go to a white T-shirt to a water park. Moreover, it can go without shirts. And he was nothing for it to be. He can wear shorts no matter how look it up. The three suits and three pairs of shoes he considers it enough in life. He has only one ring on all their ten fingers. And has the art not to notice wrinkles on their clothes. In the holiday at the seaside he will take a whole one suit. Lucky!

His underwear is no more than ten bucks for three pairs of underwear. His favorite clothes - jeans and T-shirt. (We will not recalculate your jeans and t-shirts?) He has only one pocket, where he has everything he could want in life, he had only one hair color and only one color. He does not need to change her hair and he walks with one and the same for decades. And who are lucky - is bald and generally nothing cares. Even on the comb. He was not looking for new wrinkles on his face, and if they appear, it is only to make a man look good. He is not concerned with the elasticity of his chest - which is such and is both horrible. Lucky!

Automechanika tell him the truth, and people in conversation with him staring at his chest. For him, the whole world - a personal toilet. He did not suffer for another gas station, if a toilet on the filling, where the itch struck him smelly. The quality of the toilet, he does not assess the size of the mirrors. He can wash it in the toilet not only hands, but a person - no ink will flow from his eyelashes.

He does not need to stop and think about what direction loosen-tighten the fuel tank cap or nut. Man does the same with your work, but they pay him more. How can you not feel happy. He and happy. Pacified. His telephone conversations lasted no more than 3 minutes and no one has ever become his enemy only because he did not invite him to visit or wearing the same shirt. They remain friends, you'll see.

True, he has to (should pay for everything in this life!) To shave every day and be just an accessory to his wife and the mother is, but how it compares with the blessing of freedom of choice to live with a mustache and beard or without these! And do yourself a manicure with a pen knife. Or play the whole life with toys. Or for anyone not to apply to open any door of any banks. Or hand carry sprats from banks. Or not to spoil myself (and others) run on the mood of the sock arrows.

Man no one ever obzovet for a single letter of the alphabet, if he frequently changes partners. And when he was in old age to marry young, no one accuse of greed. And occasionally, my dishes, he always makes sure that no more wife shot her husband for doing this. No known history of such cases.

Nobody ever discusses his legs, and if he buys a new pair of shoes, it's to be shod, and wear it and not break in, killing his legs and suffering. And the size of his shoes do not care. So what that 45-th? In addition, he knows how to disassemble and assemble back without all the extra details that once were collected by the manufacturer. He knows of at least 5 ways to open a bottle without a corkscrew, and at least 100 mother-jokes about. And a thousand ways zanykivaniya money. So do not run up.

And only for God's sake, leave him alone with his smashed fingernail. From a broken nail very close to the ruined youth. He knows it's skin! Because you complained to him 15 minutes of pure time, the nail can not put back. And you never know what he was thinking about you all the time.

Have you noticed a man does not cry? Except when his favorite team loses, but he argued in an office in 1000, that she will win. And he did not idly curious. When my dear declares that she needed to talk to him, he agrees with the beginning of a dialogue. He continues to keep silent. And this thing he can do better than everyone else. But he did not suffer a dirty linen in public by his friends and would not complain to you his mother and neighbors. In all its advantages: if Eve just for a second her mouth, the man would have had time to put in my 5 cents about the apple. Therefore do not worry, ladies: silent - then gives you a talk. And happy.