Why men and women so difficult to understand each other?

Why men and women so difficult to understand each other? "A husband and wife - as the two halves of scissors. Sometimes disagree, but try to come between them! "
Samuel L. Jackson.

How often is a misunderstanding between people, which may further lead to a quarrel. Recall the words of La Rochefoucauld: "If a double fault was the only one argument would not have lasted so long." Basically to understand each other's hardest man and woman, as it is believed that they both speak the same language, but in different dialects.

Indeed, between what one says, and the fact that he hears the other, there are differences. It is not always clear what precisely is meant by saying in his words. It is not always clear exactly how understood and what conclusions did the listener. As a result, the husband and wife at parting refer to the fact that not get on. Is it the characters? Maybe it was just somebody somebody did not hear, did not understand or did not want to understand?

To understand why the woman and a man is not always possible to find a common language, to find out how he and she expressed her feelings. To convey information to the ears of 1,111,118. male 11,111,119. Women tend to exaggerate and embellish the situation. It is used in his speech a lot of metaphors, poetic epithets, comparisons. Men are, in contrast to women who perceive the word in a direct, literal sense. They prefer to talk about what their specific interests. Discussing anything, they are less emotional, so their speech sometimes leads women in distress, as they expect their men's support and understanding, but in response to receiving only silence. Men prefer to speak only about the irrefutable facts and events. Hence, conflicts can arise. To avoid arguments during the conversation, you must try to understand and imagine what will hear from your lips interlocutor.

  "Know how to always defer to the views of the opposite opinion - that is true wisdom." Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev.

Claims to each other that someone someone ignores, and sometimes are completely unfounded. Let us recall the proverb XVII century, which stated: «Вся сила женщины сосредоточена в ее языке». Женщина считает, что язык ей дан для того, чтобы попросить своего мужчину о чем-либо, упрекнуть в невнимании, заставить любимого say that he loves her, etc. The words "You do not love me," Do not listen to me, "You do not notice it" could lead to the man himself comes to the same view and decides that he does not need such a woman.

For example, every woman wants to hear the words that man loves her. She is ready to listen to daily declarations of love, but the man utters these words is very rare. What? Maybe ask itself or as a hint that she likes, when he says: "I love you!" Some men are inferior and [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-10102/] begin to talk 11,111,119. These words of his women, but who said it was sincere. Maybe he said that the woman is no longer pestered. Declaration of love turns into "empty words", which are becoming commonplace. So, maybe better let him tell it once, but from the heart than every day and only in order not to upset the favorite. It is well known that the pronunciation of the same words several times lost its meaning.

It does happen that a man and woman begin to blame each other in silence. In fact, it may be because one of them is simply not in the mood. By the way, always need to remember that everyone has secrets that are hard to tell even a very close person .