Why men to be better than a woman?

Why men to be better than a woman? For another cup of tea at work one of my colleagues suggested that a man be better than a woman. Since women do not agree, I had to help a colleague to argue their assumption! It seems right, not without the help of global intelligence, of course. So, a man to be better because:

You do not need always to carry a whole bag of essential items.
Your phone conversation lasts no more than 30 seconds.
For weeks' leave you lack one suitcase.
In the film naked more often show women.
You do not need to monitor the sex lives of your friends.
Study your ass does not matter for employment.
Cases resolved in marriage by themselves.
All your orgasms are real.
You yourself can open all the bottles, cans, etc.
The queue to the toilet is shorter by 80%.
Old friends do not care deeply for changes in your weight.
When you change channels on your TV, you do not need to stay longer than 5 seconds.
Garage and TV remote - yours and only yours.
If someone forgets you somewhere to call, it can still be your friend.
When you criticize, you do not need to panic, that everything around secretly hates you.
Your pants are 100 rubles for 3 pieces.
You do not need to shave anything below the neck.
None of your co-workers can not bring you to tears.
All that is on your face, always natural color and shape.
If you are 34-year-old bachelor, no one pays any attention to it.
You do not need every night to sleep next to a hairy ass.
You can enjoy the silence, sitting in the car on the passenger seat.
All problems resolved in flowers.
Three pairs of shoes you more than enough.
Nobody stops telling obscene anecdote, when you enter the room.
Sellers in the automotive market can tell you the truth.
You can remove the shirt, if you're hot.
You do not care, I have noticed around your new hairstyle.
You can spend hours on end in silence watching football with his friend and not worry the question: "Maybe he's angry at me?".
The next month you have the same mood.
You know, at least 20 ways to open beer bottles.
People never stare at your chest when you talk to them.
If you do not call a friend in the appointed time, he will not tell everyone around us, how you've changed.
You'll never miss a chance to make love just because you have "no mood".
You do not need to remember the date draws weddings and birthdays.
If another man appeared at the party dressed in the same way as you do, you can become best friends.


We do not have to walk on his heels.
We do not have breasts, which is inconvenient to run.
We are almost always taken seriously.
Male alcoholism can be cured.
We can drink beer all night, in the morning to come to work in a crumpled suit and say that the night was a success.
Our name is the same as at birth.
A man can become president.
You can wear a white shirt in the water amusement park.
We do not need a prelude.
Wrinkles add originality.
Equal work - equal pay.
We do not need pads.
New shoes do not cut their feet.

This, of course, not everything, but this is enough!