"Between the nose and lips have a site with hair ... The boy grows, matures, under the" />

Why should a man's beard and mustache?

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 Why should a man's beard and mustache? "Between the nose and lips have a site with hair ...

The boy grows, matures, under the nose appears vegetation. Fluff gradually thicken and darken. For boys, teenagers, as it has no choice: not made until adulthood to maintain the vegetation on the face (if no other traditions).

But the period of uncertainty is, the boy is changing, becoming like a man. And he has an opportunity to change your appearance naturally, so to speak, read.
Relation to 1,111,114. vegetation on the face of 11,111,119. ambiguous: someone does not care about someone likes, someone not. It is possible that the first negative attitude to the hairy person formulated in Erasmus' Praise of Folly: "What explains the repulsive and the wild look of men, their hairy skin, their dense beard, the whole appearance of premature aging, which they drag on without a small all my life? "

"Repulsive and wild appearance" - from the standpoint of nonsense, that is a purely feminine look. But among women opinions may differ by 180 degrees:

 "Right, man with no mustache - is no longer a man. I'm not particularly a fan of 1,111,116. Beard [/url] And she almost always gives the slovenly appearance, but his mustache - oh, a mustache on a man's face absolutely necessary! No, you and can not imagine the extent to which this little brush over the lip pleasing to the eye and ... useful for ... marital relations.

It is - from a story by Guy de Maupassant. She shares with her friend his impressions of his mustache:

 "What is the charm of the mustache, you ask? First, his mustache tickled deliciously. They feel before the lips, and then the whole body, down to the heels, runs sweet shiver. That is: mustache caress cause tremor and tingling of the skin and cause the nerves in that intoxicating thrill from which to issue him a hurried "ah" ...

And the neck! Yes, I felt you ever touch his mustache to his neck? This feeling drunk, permeates convulsion, falls on the back, runs down to the tips of his fingers, makes squirm, twitch her shoulders, throws back her head, and wants to escape, and remain, this is delicious, exciting! Delightful!

 Why should a man's beard and mustache? Frans Hals, "mustachioed gentleman" Besides ... but really, I do not hesitate ... A loving husband, loving what is called as follows, can find a lot of these towns for tender kisses, these corners, which I myself would not have thought. So, without a mustache and a lot of these kisses are losing the taste, not to mention the fact that they are almost indecent! Explain it as you know! As for me, I have found that the following explanation. Guba seems naked without his mustache, like a body without clothes ...

Creator (I dare not use another word, speaking of such things), the creator made sure to cover all the hiding places of our body, which should hide love. Shave off his mustache - is, in my opinion, anyway, that cut down the grove around the spring, from which you can drink, and around which to relax.

Doubt: [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-4656/] female 11,111,119. determine - to be a man overgrown or not to shave him every evening for a night or stay a little prickly, grow and sustain a week-long stubble and his face should be smooth as a baby's butt.

However, a hairy person affected not only women's whims, but external circumstances, so to speak, the environment. And the first thing worth mentioning - this is military service:

"335. Implementation of the rules of personal hygiene includes: morning washing with brushing your teeth; washing hands before eating, washing, cleaning teeth and washing your feet before bedtime, timely clean-shaven face, cutting the hair and nails; weekly washing in the bath with the change of undergarments and bed sheets, socks and socks; keep clean clothing, shoes and bed, timely shift collars. Hair soldier, mustache, beard, if any, should be accurate, to meet the requirements of hygiene and do not interfere with the use of personal protective equipment and carrying equipment. Wearing a beard is permitted only officers and warrant officers (warrant officers). Charter of the Internal Service of the Armed Forces/Part 2/Glava 8 ".

So, joking aside, but if the mustache or beard (or both, and both together) does not give to wear a gas mask ... Like it or not, and the person will leave bald.

To environmental factors is the opinion of others. If these are around the traditional beards or mustaches, then clean-shaven face is perceived as something out of the ordinary. And vice versa. Therefore otraschivanie mustache can meet some misunderstanding and rejection: comments, ridicule and even bullying. So the man with the mustache beginner to get used to the idea that smooth the process will not work. And it may very well be that it is close attention to your appearance make you abandon the intention to grow a mustache. Here wrote "grow" and recalled that his mustache is not muddle, their "let go". And if you become a whiskered, very well and learn the language of long-horned beetles.

But you dare! Do you have a mustache! Hooray! And now the question: you exhibitionist ? You like to strip in public? Show around his naked body?

Why I asked this question? Because the whiskers give others like to see you naked - yet another opportunity to assess your character! And you, just you yourself give this tool in their hands!

 Word of the heroine of Maupassant:

"And what are all sorts mustache! Some are twisted, curled, coquettish. It is obvious that these more than anything to love women.

 Others pointed, menacing, pointy, like a needle. They prefer wine, horses and battles.

Others are enormous, falling down, scared. For such usischami usually hides an excellent character, kindness , Bordering on weakness and meekness, amounting to timidity.

 You grew a mustache - a paradox, but in such a way as would satisfy themselves striptease, naked before others (though not entirely, in a socialist).

And the last. Grew a mustache - how to try to assess you meet them or not: "For those who can not look good with mustaches and beards, - better, indeed, to shave. If you need a mustache chic, smartly, reaching inside, available for free, even for the poor, if he is given ... Well, some chic to our average man? If not given, then the money, barbers, beauty salons will not help. " (Since writing experts in the whiskers on their website.)

But if you have doubts - do not immerse the hands, ie mustache! Grow, try to dress, trim, tint, grease the palm (so they do not hang) - and only after these attempts, repeated more, makes the final decision!