Russian oven in the inheritance: how to make the house warm and cozy?

  Russian oven in the inheritance: how to make the house warm and cozy? Stove - a traditional heating device used by people for millennia. Knowledge and experience in the art of building stoves for many centuries remained the measure of maturity and talent of the people. Especially revered furnace Masters of those peoples whose life was spent in northern climates. Only the smoldering hot bed - a prototype of the furnace, the cave man was able to engage in combat with nature, has ceased to roam behind the departing summer. This center, or, in modern terms, a fireplace an open fire, was the basis of culture of life in areas densely populated many centuries ago, and with minor changes "came" to modern settlements.

In the early summer of 2008, when settlement houses in the village, I was often communicate with stove-makers, the recognized masters of their trade. It turned out that the science of masonry stoves is not as simple as it seems at first glance, but the nuances of solutions and bricks piled up so much that I realized - overpower furnace is not easy. But to repair a stone Russian stove , To eliminate minor cracks and whitewash it and made it cosmetically appealing - such actions under the force of each.

Compact, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of modern design, fit perfectly into the furnace interior of modern rural houses, as residents have their own idea.

However, if the oven for a long time without using the table, as, for example, I had bought 1,111,114. House [/url] , The integrity of it may raise doubts. After the first firing it will be clear. For example, are completely unacceptable cracks in the ground laying the bricks, as a rule, these places are "marked" not even on the whitewashed furnace black dirt from the smoke. The first furnace after a long break can not do full. Russian oven should enter into the overall heating system at home without any damage. Therefore, the first furnace to perform load 30% of firewood from the tank furnace.

Places of smoke through the masonry charcoal or marker. After protoplena oven, spatula and trowel construction whitewash brushes, peeling clay, brick crumb from the whole surface of the furnace. Next, brickwork around the marked places abundantly moistened with a wet cloth (you can spray water for flowers) and the cracks provide a natural clay mixed with sand in the ratio 10:1. Clay dries around the clock. Then again, you can heat the stove with a small wood load - smoke should not be. The final stage in a simple repair of 1,111,116. Russian oven [/url] a painting ee latex paint. The painting is performed in 2-3 layers, each subsequent inflicting 10-12 hours after the previous one, allowing him to thoroughly dry. After three layers of latex paint oven looks like new.

 Таким же способом выполняют небольшой ремонт каменных печей в банях .

Instead of natural clay can apply a special solution (available at building supermarkets in the cities under the brand "plitonit") - "Superkamin refractory. I've seen packing of 3 kg with the price of 120 rubles. This is an option for those who do not want to dig clay, or in proximity is not there. However, in my opinion, (based on practice) natural clay better than gloss over the cracks, has a better strength and "fusion", and above plitonita enough for 1-1,5 years, and then have to repeat the repair work.