Relatives - that they are good? Nothing but bad!

  Relatives - that they are good? Nothing but bad! Most dangerously misguided, believing their relatives completely harmless creatures. But their errors quickly dissipates experience of Hamlet, Macbeth and others. I will add something from yourself.

Some foreign spy long seduced his nephew yogurt and rolls, and then tried to shoot, what almost succeeded.

A young man tried to shoot his uncle, who tried to reason with him. My uncle's name was Jules Verne.

  Family life is perfectly illustrate the cartoons "Big trouble" and "New big trouble": "This mother, a father, a cat, it's me, it's Nick, it Capa - that's my whole family." In general, the cursing, bickering and all sorts of ugliness - the best entertainment for your and someone else relatives.

Wives of workers commission shops generally better to be orphans. Classics long convince us that we should not have relatives. Takemiya Keiko in "Song of Wind and Trees" confirms that we should not have relatives or family members to have you as Auguste Beau his elder brother. Some kundk sang in his song that he was not the sultan, and it is very good. I completely agree with him.

The boy Yasha were very annoying relatives. As it turned out later - they were dummies of the organization "Thinking Galactica, interplanetary korrekorami and other top reason. Generally, Krapivin expresses his opinion on relatives rather uniquely. Have suffered very little from relatives and Tom Behring, and the young heir Tutti - his three uncles were very voracious and noisy. One Hemul wanted only silence, but his relatives refused to be understanding.

From relatives only problem. If you need help - you get it from anyone except their relatives. This was written and Doyle, Dostoevsky, and in general all the authors who just might come to mind.

  Relatives - that they are good? Nothing but bad! Shot from the cartoon "The new big trouble"
 According to Emma, widow of the distinguished maestro Filifonka, all the negative characters of this tragedy - relatives protagonists. Niece maestro Filifonka, Filifonka not feed their families no warm feelings and was happy to get rid of them. Generally, all people are only trying to solve the problem with the relatives with rat poison, dynamite and other means. But do not be simpler to think from the beginning? We have since advised: "Think for yourself, decide for yourself - to have or not have?"

Worst enemy Soloist Dio was his older sister, Maestro Delphine. Dr. Edward Steam sent to hunt for his son Ray whole crowd of hardened thugs, he stole his father, but was lucky to escape. My friend Ray Scarlett O `Hara considered herself very lucky because there was an orphan. Generally, you will finally realize that the public - your relatives, after reading the book Ryu Murakami's "Children of the locker. A book of Paul Sanaeva "Bury Me Under the Plinth" clarifies the situation even better.

It is better to set up an bigger [url=] 11,111,113 enemies. .

For example, any of the enemies of Ranma Saotome helped him (her) to become even stronger.

Phileas Foggy would not bypass around the Earth for 80 days without the aid of a police agent, Fix, and Bolick and Leleaka not surpass his achievements without Ieremesha seconded to him again as a saboteur.

In the novel, Vitaly Zakrutkina Creation of the World Soviet Party, abandoned at Elbrus, has helped the officer of the detachment "Edelweiss", a Soviet spy Julia in the book "Blue Package" senior guard Gestapo Hermann Grosse just saved.

  James Bond, more than once helped agents of the Soviet KGB or the Chinese secret services, these kinds of situations described by John LeKarre, Frederick Forsyth and other authors.

Finally, Volodya Sharapova saved a bandit gang of Hunchback.

According to Zoya Alexandrovna Resurrection, British and German journalists who met every morning in the press bureau of the Stockholm Grand Hotel, greeted each other: "Good morning, dear enemy!"

And anyway, at your enemies certainly have much in common with you, so that you became very good friends with them.