How beautiful and properly serve the banquet table?

  How beautiful and properly serve the banquet table? We arrange dinner parties, not every day, so do not be embarrassed if you do not remember how to properly set the table. Here are a few basic rules.

First comes the dinner plate (as we all know, she put in the center), and it put a plate for salad or a cup of bouillon. A large platter, if any, are placed under a shallow dish. Left on it put a plate for bread and butter knife, and the right - a glass of water, and a glass of wine (And coffee cup, but it usually does not put on the table until dessert will be served).

On the left side of the shallow dish placed 1,111,114. salad and dessert forks [/url] (In that order, from left to right). On the right is a knife (blade to the center), and dessert spoon.

There are many ways how to put a napkin: a glass of water to the left of the forks, or a bowl of salad. In addition, the devices sometimes have dessert horizontally above the plates.

Remember that on the table must be only the dishes and cutlery, which guests will enjoy, that is not worth putting, for example, tablespoons, if 1,111,116. the menu is not a soup [/url] .

  Dinner - An excellent opportunity to demonstrate their ability to decorating, artistic taste and sense of style. This is a very exciting activity, because a relatively small scale, can be free to experiment, trying something new. Here are a few rules, which is adhered to. Offer to your attention a couple of useful ideas that can spur your imagination.

So, let's begin. In the registration desk should prevail one color: for example, the classic shades of colors like white, silver or gold - this will serve as an impressive visual complement to the dishes. In order to prevent all merged into a single patch of color, add elements that are somewhat different from the main color, have a different texture or pattern: so you can get an excellent experience using just one color. Do not be afraid to combine matte objects with something shiny or polished.

Play of colors you can decorate anything, and a dining table here is no exception. Holidays in themselves - an excellent source of topics for clearance (for example, can be used Christmas ornaments on the nameplate), but perfect and anything else. Winter, for example, is always associates with sparkling sequins, modern style is also nice: minimalist, simple, with lots of clear geometric shapes. Just combine and combine all that, in your opinion, look good together (let's call it eclectic).

Focus on one thing. If you have something that looks particularly beautiful or unusual (such as a decorative ornament or a set of crystal dishes), decorate the table so that the subject was in the center, focusing on himself.

In this case, the composition depends on what you will do design center of the table, but the main thing - that the subject contrast with the other - the color, texture or pattern, while the remaining elements must somehow be combined with each other.