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 Great jeans! How to buy?

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  Great jeans! How to buy? This thing is so firmly established in our lives that without it is impossible to imagine any modern wardrobe person, whether woman or man. It's about jeans. Or rather, how to buy good, quality, and most importantly, suitable for you jeans.

The market is so crowded this product that is very easy to get confused. The time when jeans were bought sometimes in reserve in a hurry in the markets where neither really try on, or check the quality. Often, buying a favorite couple, coming home, you were disappointed in his choice.

But times change, change in the approach to the customer and quality service. Today, there are good jeans shops, where you can no rush to try on, to assess the quality of future purchases.

 Well, let's begin. There is no light at the two identical pairs of 1,111,112. jeans [/url] Even if they are from the same manufacturer, same size, color, style, etc. And the "sit" jeans in each case are different. Therefore, measure the jeans are not only different sizes, but one and the same, even though sellers are not happy, but you buy what you need.

Girls are worth considering that the jeans have a tendency to slightly increase in the volume (not in length!) After the socks, so you can buy jeans that are smaller than, the truth will have to sweat in the dressing room. Decided on the size and color? Check the quality! Even if you buy 1,111,114. jeans [/url] in a respectable shop. Forgery no one is safe, even fashionable boutique.

Remove the jeans and look at seams . Good quality product features a seam "Eight without protruding threads. If you find a conventional stitching, then before you fake. Notice color thread stitching. They should be yellow, brown, rarely orange.

Fold the jeans at the seams, they should not diverge, the more so - one of the legs should not be longer or shorter than the other. Locks should be qualitative - copper, bronze. Buttons, rivets - Reliable. After all, these "little things" instructed to hide the fact that should not see each counter.

If you see an inscription on the label "Made in China" or in other countries, do not worry. If "homeland" of jeans is not America or Europe, it does not mean that they will be of poor quality. Here the producer is not saved on the quality and the transportation and manpower. Typically, jeans from Europe and America in the more expensive of similar quality, but made in other countries of jeans.

Prefer jeans with "twists" - sequins, stripes, spraying and other designer fashion? Check the quality of all this, and then you will have an unpleasant surprise when, after Washing all the fancy things disappear. Do not hesitate to tease Nail, thus check the quality of his "attachment" to jeans.