How to soothe the baby? Part 1

  How to soothe the baby? Part 1 Vanya crying. And not just crying: he roars so hysterically, that it seems that everything shudders from this helpless cry. Crick, a tiny, defenseless creation, which is only a little over a month.

A young, quite inexperienced mother in horror - she does not know what to do: it frantically shoving the bottle with the mixture, then tries to silence the little mouth pacifiers. At the same time a woman looks into a person walking nearby moms, envying them quietly sleeping faithful, and hopes to hear the advice of more experienced parent. And these are! Their hearts are compressed with pity, and now not one but two or three girls alternately shaking carriage and passed from hand to hand hopelessly rebellious child.

As the sun shines gently, as birds singing merrily as spiritedly voices of children playing in the park! Only one vote golosische roaring Ivan, violates this perfection. Yes, walking is not good! And recently held mommy and son come into the apartment, and then the nerves of our heroine finally pass:

- Mother, come quickly! I do not know what to do ... - is no longer holding back the bitter tears, blurted out to the handset has not passed a severe test of a woman.

But in this situation often are many mothers, yet very perceptive needs of their firstborn. And what can we do? Let's look at all options return a harmonious relationship with the child.

Do not panic
First you need to calm down. The child very quickly reacts to his surroundings. Nervous, insecure in their abilities mom just doomed to failure. Relax, no matter what the cost, or even imagine yourself calm and knows how to help your crumbs. Your child will feel that all is well, and will change their behavior.

If you have the slightest fear that 1,111,112. baby crying 11,111,113. caused by disease, not to delay treatment to the doctor. Even if you are in doubt and is likely to experience likely to be disappointed, to risk a little not worth it. No, even too agitated mother, not able to surprise the child's doctor or health visitor. Since these women they encounter all the time, and they know how to help them. Just do not self-medicate!

When the tummy hurt
Most babies crying from colic. Swelling tummy gases are causing kids to extreme pain and forced to publish the most horrible screams. Typically, colic torment kids from the first month of life (in some cases almost from birth) and up to 3-6 months. It is believed that most sufferers of this disease, caused by the immaturity of the intestine, become representatives of the stronger sex.

If your child is restless legs suchit, inconsolable crying about the same time (usually in the evenings, but not necessarily), it's hard to sleep, poor sleep, most likely, he has 1,111,114. colic [/url] . In this case, will ingenuous gymnastics. The best known exercise is [b] Frog 1,111,117. . It will show you any children's therapist or neonatologist.

  Stops sufferer connected together, legs bent at the knees. In such an amusing situation intestine exempt from the jeep could ensue derogation feces. Useful as a special massage. Gently massage baby's tummy, around the bellybutton, clockwise, increasing the diameter of the circle - so is the intestine. Then you can "ride a bicycle": legs make circular movements from the tummy to the hips.

Some Momma recognized that from Kolikov pain their children helps to putting some on the tummy before feeding and diaper warm attachment to the disturbing place.

Nursing mother should adhere strictly to food, excluding causing gas generation products.

Crying child may stop and then use special Rosemarine drinks. You can try the camomile tea and children. In some cases, doctors prescribe specific medications. What suits your child, it is difficult to predict in advance. However, it is worth noting that experts Breastfeeding does not recommend using any medication. After all, nature provides us with an ideal tool to cope with the problems of colic, and a troubled child's behavior - mother's milk.

This magic jelly
If you feed your baby breast, digestive problems will trouble him much less often. However, many women do not understand the reasons for the temporary colic, complaining of poor-quality nature of their milk, and finish this important to create a small way to communicate with my mother, and without waiting for the sacred three months. As a result, the transition to the mixture with tummy problems only get worse, recovery is delayed.

So try to be prudent! Try to feed your baby as soon as he begins to worry. During the suckling mother's breast crumb is in a state of bliss and total relaxation, the gases leaving the tummy calmed down, there is a chair, a little martyr becomes easier.

Yes, if the street is cool, you can not feed your baby breast on the walk. But you can go out with a well-fed and contented life of infants, which is able to sleep a few hours before the next feeding. Fresh air and movement of carriages will help you. And if that is not so - do not sleep home. Try giddy child in his arms, and then put in a stroller.

Back to Mom
Another popular way to help bring calm to a healthy baby, this is the use of special sling: sling. Sweet sleeping baby in a sling is in perfect condition, close to the state before birth. He is, as before, hears the sound of a mother's heart, finds her voice, smell the milk, so reminiscent of the smell of intrauterine treatment. Tiny does not feel hunger as chest always close, he moves in rhythm with his mother, as well as in the most carefree period in his life.

Especially sling Kolikov useful for children, is indispensable for babies with congenital abnormalities. Sling babies develop faster and better than gaining weight. Yes, and my mother would not hurt your hands free and do the necessary household chores. Your child does not want to stop your cry - try to vilify him in a sling! Just keep in mind that the process of adjusting to this way of carrying uncomplicated enough for a beginner laborious and may require assistance of a consultant.