How to soothe the baby? Part 2

  How to soothe the baby? Part 2 Often the causes of child crying and remain a mystery. Scarce can simply react to changes in the weather (all infants meteozavisimy) or worry during the full moon.

The most common 1,111,112. way of calming [/url] - Rocking. Many excitable children would otherwise not fall asleep, and it is difficult to change anything. Maybe with time your sun learn to fall asleep independently. During the period of colic or teething sleep can be very disturbing. The most effective tool for motion sickness - your hands. But it is possible to swing baby in the stroller, crib and rocking chair and chaise lounge on a children's rocking ...

  So, my mother a little Vova, exhausted by the end of the violence of his "Kolikov" her son, and tried the original method. She experienced driver, seated in a baby seat and went on familiar routes. Who would have thought that after a short trip to the outskirts of the boy falls asleep.

Maybe your baby will be calm from the soul performance by you lullaby songs.

Some children enjoy decorating cribs mobilization. But for older kids - newborns still do not see these toys. With the purchase of musical suspension notice on the model, in which it is possible to work without music. It may happen that the first time crumb happy lull smooth movement of toys, but will start from the electronic melodies.

And, you can buy mechanical mobilization with more delicate sound. Besides, they are much cheaper. Wooden pendants with tiny bells - this is another great option!

To create a harmonious environment conducive you can use aromatherapy. But do not hurry to get your favorite aroma lamp - traditional use of potent oils is unacceptable for a newborn. It is better to prime it with a napkin lavender oil and hang it near the baby crib. But first be sure to ventilate the room. Perhaps the fresh air will calm better than any flavor. A good idea to buy a special Humidifier Which not only combats dryness premises, but purifies the air of dust and dirt.

Sometimes the only way to calming the infant becomes Bathing . Most kids love to be in the water. Especially if the parents are prepared bathed in a large tub. To achieve the therapeutic effect is better to use a small tray on which added chamomile or soothing collection. In order to address the increased muscle tone appoint an extract of pine needles. But the sea salt, by contrast, has a tonic effect. But it is good for preventing colds and rickets.

Generally, the water like almost all kids.

  Relying on his own experience, I will say that my daughter soothing sound of flowing tap water. For a long time bathroom was the only place where she ate and fell asleep. But being in this room all night just impossible, so my husband and I resorted to a little trick: the current noise recorded from a tap water with a microphone. Edited on a computer record created quite realistic feeling of closeness flowing stream. We have included a drive next to the bed, and slept like a baby angel.

Perhaps your way of calming the crumbs will be even more unique - it all depends on the individual characteristics of your little miracle.