His younger brother, or how not to turn the boy in prim young lady?

  His younger brother, or how not to turn the boy in prim young lady? The cheeks - abrikosiki, eyes - dark chocolate, chubby knees and strong jaws - here it is: sitting on the bed like a big doll, carefully looking at me, waiting to take on his hands. Son! He was even one by name home styled as chief - he was so important. But it is now. And 6-7 years ago it was here that ...

I lost then his girlfriend - responsive kind man. No, no, it's all right, alive and well, but that's just we do not communicate. And we had a disagreement this way: she asked me once to arrange the work of its 1,111,112. younger brother, [/url] , Cute boy-student, for 5 years younger than us. I intercede before the boss, promised mountings - they took him by appointing one of my assistants. Engage them in particular there was no time - given the job and left: my people - do not let you down ... He once worked, except that often ask for leave, but vanished once a week, but nothing - is found.

And three months later I was already "on the carpet": blushing and stammering, explained the headmistress, where they took "a miracle", and heard about how out of my head. In general, the guy ruined my project had with other employees to sit at night so as not to incur losses. But he was home, asleep. Being in the maelstrom of emotions, I exhibited this "laborers" for the door, and his sister wrote a long letter - the essence of the case presented, apologized that it happened.

Since then we have not at odds: Call not call, write do not write - there is no answer. She could not bear such an insult to her beloved little brother was fired, and even I - a friend, for which she has done so much. And the truth - did not in trouble throwing. I still remember and appreciate ... Yes, that's just my sense of gratitude to a gram - no contact with her, and, most regrettably, no longer want to ... But it's much more a friend of mine helped his brother, he was her Tamagotchi those women, and as they grow a concern for the kid "becoming more and more expensive.

For now, watching how the things my two children, also a girl and a boy, with the same almost difference, I think back to that story - think how to make 1,111,114. Sister [/url] for her brother did not answer.

To the extent that, as the kid grows, he begins to represent for my sister growing interest. It is already fully "released" me, by adopting as fact the need of my seat with my brother. He and his party is present at all its classes - both free and cooperative with me. We draw - he looks, we learn - he observes, we play games - he wholeheartedly with us, laughing and jabbering in their own way. It is obvious that he spent the border between the parents and sister, perceiving it as an equal. The daughter, like nobody else understands his desire, can soothe, to shove a toy. I remember how my anxious question, why baby, located in the adjoining room, a long silence, she heard her reproachfully: "Well, I want him to shut up - he does not want to cry!".

After trying various methods to draw attention to themselves, the girl realized that pertain baby crying and other behaviors typical of eight-month baby, as well as attract scandals - is not effective, and now it shall make every effort to curry favor - help around the house. Perhaps not the last role in this was played and the fact that 1,111,116. daughter of [/url] At its warehouse - good-natured man and not greedy. Everything is happening now I see as a positive change in our life together and I think the signal for proper upbringing.

 We in the family, including grandparents, took a few rules and try to stick as much as possible. Here are the rules:

1. Infant Turns Parents
I gave birth to the Son, and not my daughter. It was not my mom. Therefore, the responsibility for children lies with me and my husband. You can use the assistance, but to carry out substantive work, as well as take vital decisions, should the parents. If my sister is interesting - let take care of my brother, sometimes useful and ask her for help, without turning it into a duty. The older child should be a private time, space and social circle.

2. All yours - my
My sister is not obliged to give his brother had given her personal belongings, toys, even if they are grown or long they do not enjoy. Though my brother and little, it does not give him an automatic transfer of rights. Play - yes, but give her things or not - this decision should remain with her. Greed in the family also did not need to be encouraged. "When Gleb grow, I will not let him wear his shoes!". "Well, Ksenechka. We'll buy it new. It is true, then we do not have enough money for you on skates. If you gave him their old shoes, even on skates would be enough! ". "Dame Dame! Well, of course, ladies! "Blackmail? I'm not sure: his sister and his brother to live together for at least 18 years - they will have to learn to get along with each other and share many things.

3. Word - a silver, but silence - gold
Comparing children - a thankless, ugly, because while someone always loses, is worse. Do not compare children - it is impossible, because it happens even with the time when 1,111,118. Jr. [/url] located in the abdomen. So give the results of its findings, the children themselves should be only those that unite, rather than dividing them: "Look at this picture you and your brother both - the spitting image of my father!"
4. Denial of the role of the referee
If you do not prisutstvuesh at odds, you can not punish someone who seems to blame you. Because only "seems". We'll have to punish both, to cancel a joint walk in the park with pancakes and scooter - not yet learned to negotiate. At the same time keep one's ears, and keep track of how they come to a consensus not to allow that one child bullying another.

5. "Lapupochek" and "Musenka"
When the house is baby, [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-9510/] the eldest child of 11,111,113. automatically seem like much, but if the book reads, swims without sleeves and bike riding two-wheeled, then certainly. Still, it is still small, and nothing serious to play with him in "very small". Do not worry, he had not forgotten how to distinguish the letter "A" from the letter "O" - the role of the baby he quickly tired of that.

6. Dreaming is not bad
It seems to me not superfluous to remind the kids what friends they will be when they grow up.

7. "Babenysh-Yagenysh"
It would be nice not to allow grandmothers to turn a guy into a continuous "passionately". The second child relaxes, even if colds more often and with him less fearful of different contingencies: Do not watch the cot, looking - breathing is not breathing, nose, not nose. So instinctively throw out all my love. The main thing that he would be drowned, did conclude that he - the king.

8. Girls - to the left, boys - to the right
Sonny though younger, but it is - the future man, the head of the family. Therefore, there is nothing to tell him once again: "Do not auditing! You are the man! ". Let them get used to, then understand. And do not cackle over every scratch, sometimes they heal without green fodder.

Well, recently, in my opinion, the most important thing for the boy, Senior Associate, he or - Is an example of his father.