How to organize a children's holiday at home with the least cost? Celebrating with family

  How to organize a children's holiday at home with the least cost? Celebrating with family The most important and beloved children's holiday is, of course, birthday. It's about how you can arrange for a six-year child.

Six-year birthday
For example, you can enter invisible character (Not my idea, read a long time in a random journal type Mamochkin School "). For my twins it was a guardian angel, who was supposed to be this holiday and prepared: a note, gifts, contests. I am very impressed this character: first, because children were baptized in that year to remember this, for them it was an event. Secondly, the opportunity to unobtrusively, using their knowledge nemudrenye a guardian angel, to tell about good and bad of human behavior and how they are perceived by people.

Subsequently, I used the following method. When children have committed misconduct, which upset me, I told them: angel was upset and crying. By the time we had a difficult period of education, when it seemed that the relationship with the children were completely destroyed 1,111,114. automatic communication [/url] .

With this character, I've had several opportunities to rehabilitate himself and 1,111,116. a lesson of morality [/url] in the form of grief angel who sits on the right shoulder, sees all, knows, hears. The emphasis was on the angel, who tells on an ear, as do good deeds. For example, collecting toys, playing peacefully with each other, and later help her mother wash the dishes or floors. It was mentioned that on the other shoulder sits an evil angel, and persuades to do bad things, but it is not worth listening to, but better to listen to the advice of good. All that stood me in good stead over the next year.

 Kids holiday to remember, they are looking forward to the next, worried and wondering what's guardian angel will prepare them for free at this time.

Detail. My kids and birthday parties - next. To my holiday children also prepared a gift, it is interesting defeating him and saying that it made a guardian angel.

Of course, this may be an entirely different character, who like you and your children.

And now more about contests 11,111,127. .

 You will need: six of the balloons that you want to cheat the night, an old piece of wallpaper for a note from a character, two pins, six balloons, which will fool the children, sewing, six notes, two Gift for general games (such as a set of pins and a board game, "I know the profession") and two personal (for example, for a girl - beads, fishing line, a casket, for a boy - a set for the construction of the scheme from match sticks, log home or temple, in passing learning the basics of ancient architecture). Tip: The better things to hide in the equivalent of a remote place for both children so that they can find each his gift with the same speed.

 Since about three years, we have a continued tradition of birthday party: when the children wake up in the morning, they, it turns out, are tied to the bed balls!

 More may be so. When excited children subside, my mother drew attention to 11,111,126. great note
on the cabinet. Children are interested in where it's from someone. Mother tells of a character who was chosen by her or jointly with their children in advance, and reads the note (if children are not able to read): "Dear Maria, Vanya! Happy Birthday! Count the balls! "

Children feel balls and has six.

Mom reads on. "You are six years old! Each ball has a note. To read it, you need to pierce a balloon with a pin. The notes say that you do. You will find many pleasant surprises! You should begin with a red ball. The sequence can be determined by the proverb "Every hunter wants to know where to sit ..." (but only 6 colors).

The children, excited, unsure of taking the pin in her hand and try to puncture the ball. First, it is scary. To begin with the first ball can be punctured by a boy. Then it will go like clockwork. We have got such an impromptu fireworks display.

In First The note would be a task, for example, to find new balls on the table in the glasses and to determine which is which (in color) - Cars and Vanin - a glass, then count how many balls in the glass, and inflate them so easy to practice and then go on kitchen and drink tea. While the children blow up balloons, play them, drink tea, time passes.
Next, look at a note from a guardian angel to find out what color the next ball to go bust. Orange. Pierces the second ball. In Second Note you can offer, for example, find an object that is hidden in the kitchen under the window. There may be a board game.

When the children have them play in it, we must again determine the color of the note next ball. It is yellow. In third- note: "To become even more fun, you need to find the object, which lies in the closet." Children begin searching, and Vanya is skittles. When will learn to play skittles (if not), run over, promptly inserted, nahohochutsya, and a winner in the game, comes the turn green ball.

In Fourth note may contain advice to dine and go to bed. I note, parenthetically, that in this day all the unpleasant moments regimen, which in this age is poorly accepted children, performed without prodding.

When the children sleep and (of course this is not true for all families), we explode the blue ball and learn to пятой записке, что пора пить чай с праздничным тортиком or biscuits.

When children popyut tea breaks (think, already looking) Last , Blue. It can be reported to Masha: "That girl was beautiful and smart, it will help things that hang in the hallway. And Vanya: "That could grow a great builder, he can help what is in the table."

When all the promises will be found, for the evening and all night the next month (even months) children, consider doing. For example, my Masha wove beaded necklaces, bracelets, and bestowed their mother, and in the garden - her friends, cooking toys-pendent for the future of her baby brother, who was waiting for my mother. And Vanya with his mother built the temple of the match timber.