How to choose the best wind generator?

  How to choose the best wind generator? Not as easy as it seems, choose wind generator that meets all the requirements. Yielding to advertising sales, spending money and time to install wind turbine, the majority of consumers will soon find that it can be at best a toy.

Each seller claims that he wind turbines are the best, and brings a lot of arguments in favor of this assertion. Take, for example "WT-2000 Which is positioned on the Russian market as the best model of wind turbine. Is it really?

 Manufacturers claim that he made a high-tech defense industry and contains a set of original technical solutions, and provided him with a significant lead over competitors, arguing that this is a unique machine, which is unique in the world today, no.

This wind generator is practically no noise, long time does not require maintenance. Lifetime is designed for ten years. Special Metal film covers the friction surfaces, reducing friction to extremely low values. Similarly processed bearing installation.

Power windmill in 2000 watts producers consider sufficient. They say that if you apply energy-saving light bulbs 11,111,115. and other modern household electrical power saving class - that's enough power to spare.

 Let's try to clarify. Indeed, most wind turbine noise in such a way that conflicts with its neighbors will be inevitable, but this is really low noise, and this demand answers.

Regarding output, here put it mildly, been greatly exaggerated. For wind turbines. located on the territory of Russia, the most important factor - the ability to issue nominal power at low winds. Russia is not known for strong winds, and 1,111,116. Wind
We rarely exceed 5 meters per second. Therefore, you should choose a windmill, capable of delivering rated power at a wind of 4-5 m/s, not more.

Russian wind generator "WT-2000" gives a nominal power at a wind of 10 m/sec. Since all of his power is 2000 watts, with winds up to 5 m/s it will give such a small percentage of their power, that it almost anything is not enough. Findings clearly - this is not the best wind generator!
 Since the "best wind generator", was not the best, on the other models and we are not talking. Is there anyway wind generator that meets the requirements of Russian? Yes, but put them in Ukraine, it is silent, inertia - "SCHRPM - DPV (G) 200-2.0» , Going on the production areas DP Faith in the Odessa region and is by far the most effective.

In silence, he meets the main demand - produces rated power even when the wind 3 m/s begins to rotate when the wind 0,17-0,5 m/sec. This vertical wind generator performance, it does not matter [url=] wind direction 11,111,115. Does not require rotating device. He gearless type, equipped with just one thrust bearing with 500-times safety factor of production in Japan. The rotation of the rotor based on magnetic levitation, with virtually no friction, so it is maintenance-free: 5-year warranty, the service life of 25 years. Once set, and you do not need to approach him for years.

Of considerable merit of these turbines is that they are issued to any power: from 500 W to 20 kW. Therefore, such a wind generator (corresponding to power) can be installed on the wall next to the window of your apartment in a building, on the balcony on the roof or on a mast near my house. Since it is low speed, it is not harmful to bees and birds.
It would seem - here it is happiness! Take it and enjoy it, but the price bites. Not every Russian can afford such "happiness" for half a million, that is how much is 5 kW model, 10 kW crosses over a million.
As a way out of this situation - ветрогенератор парусного типа! Он отвечает всем российским требованиям: низкооборотный, бесшумный, выдает номинальную мощность при ветре 4-5 m/sec. The model with a motor-reducer for 4 KV sold in 2008 for 80 tons now. Serially in Russia, these wind turbines no issues, but they are doing under the order, at any power.

 Structurally, this wind generator is not very complicated: if you purchase a motor-reducer, which is used as a generator, then the rest can be manufactured or assembled from ready-made parts from other vehicles, independently, significantly reduce the cost of this total cost.

Currently, there is a better model of turbine type of sailing - direct-drive . It is easier and cheaper, it lacks not only the gear, but the motor. Manufacturers claim that this model can be collected "on his knee." Rotor coils located on the wind wheel, wound conventional lighting, aluminum wire, in isolation. Stator coils, located on the rotary device, wound and lighting wires.