How to lend money, or why we do not return the debt?

  How to lend money, or why we do not return the debt? Each of us occasionally have to be provided in a situation where our friends are asked to help them and 1,111,112. 11111139 borrow. money to the nearest "salary".

Yes, and we ourselves sometimes a need "to intercept "A certain amount to better times.

Typically, we're going to meet people and lend them money. And here comes an interesting point - in effect takes a stern law of life - " Want to lose a friend - give him a duty of 11,111,137. .

Yes, I will agree, we usually return the borrowed money. At the same time all too frequent, confirming the sad truth of life ", when our relations with the debtor themselves for a long time or forever spoiled.

You can say that I exaggerate? Not at all! Case of default is not isolated!

Do not return not only personal debts, not return and made bank loans.
Here's the official information of Corporate Governance Development of Russia: "Russians are owed to banks [b] 250 миллиардов рублей
. Именно такая сумма была просрочена по кредитам in 2009.

Why is this happening?
Understanding the causes of non-repayment of debt will act properly in the future. So, why should we not give to get the money?

I see all 3 main reasons for this:

  1. Banal "forgetfulness" 11,111,137 people. - Indeed, swirling man ran, and forgot about elementary made you money. In this case, and recall, but do not start right away to sulk on the debtor. Sam forgot, I confess!

 [b] 2. The man in serious financial trouble 11,111,137. That can not be solved in principle. And, taking a loan, a person only during its final pushes "bankruptcy". Unfortunately, in such cases will have to forget about your money - alas, they no longer will give ever!

 [b] 3. Ordinary deception
- You do not intend to return to take the money!

Safety - how to lend
In applying these simple rules can be lend 11,111,139. without fear!

  1. Determine for yourself the circle of people Whom you trust and who cherish. For example, to lend only to their friends, in extreme cases - a good friend.

  2. Determine the amount of 11,111,137. You're willing to give and to lose! Yes, better to lose money than to lose a friend! I ask you - do not hand out all their money. Remember about the rule - " Pay yourself first! "

 [b]3. Учитесь отказывать
, ибо не всем и не всегда действительно нужно давать в долг . Learn to say "no" zagotovte couple of reasons why you can not now give in debt - for example, "all the money is deposited in the bank if the take off, then lose interest, the dismal six months" or "only yesterday, given all the free money to your friend Why do not you come the day before yesterday? ".

  4. Before lend 11,111,137. , Talk and find out what, in fact, going to spend the money? And by going to come back in the future? If what you heard, you do not like (for whatever reason!) - Trust your intuition and do not let us in debt to this man!

 [b] 5.
Super solution! Recommend [b] apply for a loan to the bank 11,111,137. . As a minimum, ask why people do not take there money. For now, banks can easily provide consumer loans. And if the bank refused to grant a loan - it is a good reason to wonder whether to trust such an unreliable borrower?

The situations are 11,111,138. Different
- Maybe the person really fallen on hard times.

Helping people is certainly needed. For sure and you ever find yourself in this situation!