How to make an original gift for the day on March 8?

How to make an original gift for the day on March 8? Men, I hope you have not forgotten that day came on March 8? It's time to make gifts to their sweetheart. Now with this, thank God, no problem. In any souvenir (jewelry) store selection gifts - look at first. But you can go the other way and prepare Present your own hands.

How to make a gift, giving it part of its energy? I propose two options-it-yourself, easy to manufacture. This is a small plaque for home notes. For one you can pin up paper scraps, another convenient to write with chalk. For these original gifts, and even made their own hands, there is always a place in the hallway or the kitchen.

Variant 1. Cork board
Materials and tools:

corks from champagne and wine bottles;
photo frames, wood is better;
sharp knife;
acrylic paint, lacquer furniture, brush;
Glue "Moment" or the glue gun.

We divide the process of making a gift to the following stages:

1. Take the N-th number of traffic jams and cut each along with a knife on the plate or strip not less than 1 cm thick. Plates, of course, will not have the same shape, but even more original.

How to make an original gift for the day on March 8? Collect Tube, might come in handy (Photo: A. Platov) 2. From picture frames take out the cardboard base and cover it with acrylic paint (choose a color of your choice), then after it dries, paint.

3. When the paint dries (to speed up the process you can use a hair dryer), insert a piece of cardboard in the frame and begin to spread on her sliced cork strips. Remember a child's game into a mosaic or modern puzzles? When it found the most successful variant, lay out the strip in the same order on the table, dips the reverse side of the adhesive and lightly pressing it to the base frame is pasted.

Cork board should get a beautiful and practical. Was for some pins or buttons - and you can read the note pinned to her favorite type of "Darling, I aerobics, do not forget to feed Barsika. Kisses in the nose.

Variant 2. Chalk board
Materials and tools:

How to make an original gift for the day on March 8? Board guidance and reminders. (Collage: A. Platov) two wooden chopping boards;
decorative cloth with a pattern;
acrylic paints, brush;
hemp twine;
fine-grained sandpaper emery;
drill with a drill diameter of 2-3 mm;

Stages of manufacture of the original gift:

1. Drill bit in cutting board with several holes, as in the figure.

2. Brush twice acrylic paint each board. The top is beautiful in beige color, bottom, on which we will write a note with chalk - in a dark brown. After drying slightly oshkurivaem both surfaces.

Moisture and oil, acrylic paints are not terrible. This gift can be easily hung in the kitchen near the sink or stove.

How to make an original gift for the day on March 8? You take chalk in hand - remember childhood. (Collage: A. Platov) 3. Take a napkin, cut out a drawing and paste it neatly in the center of the top boards with a beige background. You can use PVA glue. Adhered pictures hand movements should be directed from its center to the edges.

4. Reeve through the hole made hemp twine and bind the board, leaving a small gap. From the same string at the top of the board makes a loop to hang this original gift in the right place, as well as lace-holder for the chalk.

5. Power and boards at the edges can be decorated with sequins, beads, cones, etc. It's time to connect your imagination.

Who objected to the assertion that the best gift - one that is made with his own hands (of course, not counting the diamonds or Mercedes), let me throw a stone.