Hook and lace, or what can be done from the air?


  Hook and lace, or what can be done from the air? There are a great many varieties of lace: the method of manufacture, place of birth, on the application of materials, tools and devices - and there are still options. But they share one thing: the air in them almost more than the material, even in the most difficult - wood, metal. And one of the elements of certain types of lace and is called - an air loop.

I do not mind that the homeland lace believed some there to Italy or Egypt, where excavations have found open-work, woven in distant centuries. I think Russian women have always tied them and would have been surprised if they were told that this kind of needlework - not our invention. Maybe we were not buried or have not yet dug up ...

The method of making 1,111,112. lace [/url] divided into sewn and braided. It's a shame that the lace, crocheted, refer to the "other". But with him I just also want to start, because I know this kind of applied art since childhood, and she knit crochet.

What attracts a crochet? Yes lots of advantages from him! First, a ball and kryuchochek - and all! In her purse or pocket - and to ensure your leisure time in enforced idleness: the road, in a hospital in the queue, just to relax in the fresh air. Express Yourself! No person shall disturb you - no, too. If even shemku must pry, inconvenience does not amount to. You can talk, the events on the TV monitor, or simply meditate. Must be a good think for knitting! That's why they say that it calms.

In stitches only two elements are in crochet there - post and yo. Different combinations of them and make patterns. Read it all, crocheted, lace? Interesting work! Based on the history of Russian words, but it means a turn around in a circle, then turns and carpet in the dressing room, connected a thick hook of broad bands of tissue - also lace?

And how about the fact that in other languages roots words come from the words of the blade, serrated, tip, tip? What if you try a few times in a singsong voice say: Kru-same-in, Kru-same-in ... Maybe our ancestors had misheard or altered it, as has happened more than once, the French word openwork? Of course! Adapted! After the French openwork just means transparent, mesh ... That is perforated, which means - air!

  Hook and lace, or what can be done from the air? Простая цепочка из воздушных петель придаст куску ткани неплохое обрамление (Фото: Д. Дубинкина, личный архив) Нет! Все-таки я – патриот русского кружева and remain of the opinion that the lace on the "circle" (the word existed kruzhIvo). Circling in an endless blizzard - interweaving - white thread ... It is white! Although I read somewhere that all the color out of black, with regard to lace it all started with white.

Remember, the pictures in textbooks were depicted the aristocracy - kings, dukes - in white jabot and cuffs? This is our lace - Women's apparel. Kings, rulers of our bumpkin were long and did not dare to try lace. True, our kings - kings of pop, show business - there is an active force. By the way, not only to wear lace, and crochet the first to men, and they were ... fishing gear. And then, as usual, all taken in the hands of women.

Whatever you remember, in our house always had a lot of lace and Embroidery . My mother was good at. Even at times when the thread was not possible to buy, on the dresser lay a few glomeruli - Mama razdergivala threads on white fabric. Somehow, when knitting she hid a million knots, and it was impossible to guess that this is not a continuous thread.

And what surprises me so far: as needlewomen versed in the patterns? They're not from the pictures they took off, but a friend of friend passed. That's the number in memory when the work had to be done! And the girls, for example, most of them at klatches winter knitting, so while they still talked, sang, a number of suitors were sitting. Probably because of errors, inaccuracies could form new patterns ...

  Hook and lace, or what can be done from the air? Lace for towels knitted across (Photo: L. Dubinkin, personal archive) Grooms is there more for practical use were present - the hooks do, factory undermined. And it is not easy ... it's a sight for sore eyes as I gently eroding neighbor hooks. Saps, in the sense of making thinner, but not acute. On the contrary, beard hook should be Gorny, to finger does not hurt. Beginning knitters often suffer from this, as carry a hook on a finger, but should be in the air pick up the thread.

Just as in knitting , It is necessary to monitor compliance of the thickness of the yarn and hook. In the literature there are recommendations that the hook (ie, the lowest part - beard) must be twice as thick filaments. Certainly not! I prefer 1:1. Otherwise - no there is not a blizzard, but a blizzard!

Hooks for knitters of lace in the stock must be many: You never know what you needed. But I have a hook, which I do not knit - they can no longer bind: beard he exuding so that nail for it is difficult to catch. 1964 knitting them my mom! She would now have the knitting ... hook her war passed. She served as a driver in the army, and a ball with a hook has always been in the glove compartment. Carried the shells to the front line, but preparing for a peaceful life and knitting lace for pillow cases, to podzornikam ...

On one hand crafted sites saw the question: which came first - embroidery or crochet? Of course, it is interesting only an avid lace, and the practical meaning of this except perhaps researchers need. Because I can, to some extent be attributed to a number of first, too, was looking for the answer. Recovers assumption and once believed in him, as seen this process in reality.

  Hook and lace, or what can be done from the air? ... And summer hats - too (Photo: L. Dubinkin, personal archive), the granddaughter of my neighbor's flower ... not something embroidered, not the knitting. On the embroidery frame stretched fabric contours the figure, and girl pierces her knitting crochet top, gets a working thread, which moves on underside. Makes small step - and again a mistake. Evenly produced a chain stitch. But he made a hook, and not a needle! My grandmother, who came from Central Asia, has taught her so. Later I read that both looked Chinese, or rather, Asian embroidery, and called it tamburing. And then they started to make these loops without tissue in the air, and they - oh, miracle! - Not crumble.

Throughout its history of 11,111,124. lace [/url] hook and in the glory of it, and disappeared from sight. But have always been designers or true needlewomen who revived him. How to live lace now? How to craft it, perhaps, there never had been, in contrast to, for example, from the bobbin. They love his fashion, used in the decoration of clothing, but nevertheless it remains a matter of domestic, private, amateur, that is.

But here it plenty of room! In addition to clothing - are tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads, curtains, screens, toys, flowers, jewelry ... Returned lace in wedding fashion, until the bride's garters.
Lace is beautiful and easy to use, nice and helpful in the performance. I agree, should be back regularly stretch and neck massage, but his hands - what a workout! But the main thing - as I said - calm , Appeasement ... Otherwise, how were born Shaginyan these verses?