How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home Who is now in the era of globalization, surprise oriental tradition of growing trees in flower pots? If you do not have patience for several decades to do this, then such a plant, you can simply buy in the nearest shop. But the question in the article will discuss unusual tree, the tree of secrets.

Magic tree for their child, and perhaps for himself, you can do with their own hands. This idea came into my head when I leafed through one of the logs on the interior. Very interesting, creative decisions in the apartment can sometimes be found in popular magazines. The most interesting is that much can be done with his own hands, with a minimum of skills, tools and materials.

I do not claim authorship, only tell you how you can implement one such idea - to "grow" an unusual tree in the apartment. This tree-hanger, wood box, wood - a meeting place for children's clothing, which is usually "walks" around the house.

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home General view of the crown (Photo: O. Valkovsky,
 I will begin by listing the necessary materials and tools. Материалы: фанера толщиной 10 мм, два деревянных бруска 20х30 мм, болтики 6 мм с гайками, шурупы, небольшие мебельные петли, крючки для одежды, кусок листового железа или алюминия, верёвка из натурального волокна, краска. Инструменты : Jigsaw, electric drill, wrenches or pliers, screwdriver, sandpaper, brushes for painting products. In my opinion, a little bit.

Sawed plywood crown and trunk. Plywood can not buy, and select suitable pieces of old furniture, as I actually did. I tried to depict an apple tree with a rounded crown. If you have a piece of plywood elongated, it could be poplar or fir. In my tree trunk high and can "grow" a tree over time by repositioning the crown on the following mounting up on the trunk.

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home View from behind a tree (Photo: O. Valkovsky,
 For the construction of the fortress from the back side of the trunk set wooden bars. Stability of the tree roots provide diverging from the stem to the side, and additional root and moves forward. Near one of the roots of "crawling" cute snail. Extra root is made of plywood and mounted on hinges, so that you accomplish it.

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home Decorative elements (birds and nest) (Photo: O. Valkovsky,
 Decorative elements, and this bird's nest and apples, and cut out of plywood. Figures are simple and cut out the outline of the hand with a pencil with minor adjustments. If you can not, ask your child. After all, no matter how plausible will look blackbirds or woodpeckers on your tree, tree is magical. Apple even simpler. The stalk, on which it hangs, the branch on which sit the birds - a hook for clothes. In the nest of an office drill holes through which string together a rope, depicting interlocking branches.

Hang clothes can not only hooks, but the decorative elements, which are mounted at a distance from the main plane of the crown. For this purpose, under a decorative element recharged a small bar 2х2х2 cm or a piece of sawn-off of the cutting blades 2 cm in length fixing bolts pass through the decorative element and the center bar. For large items set two or three bars.

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home Secret hole (Photo: O. Valkovsky,
 In my tree, have a secret hole where you can put children's "jewels". Hollow carved in the trunk, and covers it with a lid slightly more than the hollow, the size. The size of the holes should be calculated so easily crawled hand of the child. Cap rotates around the bolt at the top, where it hangs. On the reverse side of the tree, in order to "jewelry" not enough sleep, fastened with screws box of 11,111,124. aluminum sheet [/url] .

All details of the tree process with sandpaper and paint in the appropriate colors. Finished product is placed near a wall. Back it does not fall under its own weight and the weight of clothes lean slightly forward. Our tree in the front holds additional root. Finished wood hanger withstands free 20 kg of clothes (tested 2 years of operation). At a hang bags, handbags, rucksacks, toys and so on.

  How to grow a magic tree in the apartment? Updating your home Small fraction of the load of wood (Photo: O. Valkovsky,
 My tree has grown suddenly, the night before the birthday of my daughter. Joy knew no bounds. But now, after more than two years of operation, the daughter and wife can not imagine where else we can put all that [url=] clothing 11,111,131. , Which is now "growing" on our apple tree. And in the hollow of jewelry stores and daughter's favorite toys.