Hiking roaster, or you really love a picnic?

Hiking roaster, or you really love a picnic? Spring is coming. It's time to think about picnics.

I wish to propose a very simple to make, but effective to use a camp stove. It is designed for preparation of ready meals for 4-5 people.

Cook meat can be in any form - fresh, frozen, sliced, not cut, chicken, fish, fresh and frozen. Thaw frozen food is not necessary.

Take a sheet of metal, stainless steel or galvanized better thickness of 2-3 mm, and weld a box the size 200h200h400 mm (without top cover). General view of the broiler - in the drawing.

Construction brazier
Hiking roaster, or you really love a picnic? General view (Photo: Vlad Kogan, personal archive) Fig. 1 - front view. Fig. 2 - side view. Fig. 3 - Top view. Fig. 4 - move up and cover. Fig. 5 - baking.

From the drawing it is clear that any size have to cook. Where size is not specified, they can be taken arbitrarily.

At a distance of 100 mm from the bottom on both sides of welds on the skid, they will put the pan with the products that require baking. Its better to do with the bumpers, can do without, whom she likes.

The same two skid welds at a distance of 200 mm from the bottom of the box, so you can shoot the cover of a brazier. The denser will be gaps to cover, the faster and better will bake products.

Hiking roaster, or you really love a picnic? Drawing a brazier (Photo: Vlad Kogan, personal archives) For convenience welds small feet, but can do without them, despite what we warm up.

Protyven do on domestic box size. To pan freely raised and taken out to be welded to his hand. In the pan drill holes (40-50 pieces), arbitrary diameter, but not less than 5 mm. The holes are needed for a better, free circulation of hot air.

You can simply 11,111,112. campfire [/url] and put the stove on fire, after substituting for her two bricks.
You can put it on the legs and under her campfire.
You can adjust a blowtorch or gas stove.
Can home and put it on the gas stove or electric burner.

Ways you can think of many, the main thing - a high temperature underneath the broiler.

At the bottom of the brazier put dry twigs, a few pieces to smoke, that is giving odor. The twigs can be put any rocks, but better juniper, cherry, aspen.

Put on a baking products - 2-2,5 kg at one time.

Meat and poultry defrosted in advance and do not need to marinate.

Meat - Does not matter in fresh or frozen - cut pieces of such size that they once could eat, sprinkle with coarsely sliced onions or small onions, flavored little spice. Who does not want to cut, you can bake and large pieces, then cut. If meat is fresh, it must necessarily be bold, otherwise it will dry. Salt finish. Put the pan in the stove, brazier close the lid - and on fire.

Meat, depending on the type and size of pieces being prepared for 20-30 minutes. Served with greens and red wine.

, 1-1,2 , and pepper and place on baking sheet. Who likes fried onions, you can put it inside the chicken, onions, too, salt and pepper. Who does not like onions, you can rub the bird crushed garlic.

Cares for 15-25 minutes. Herbs - dill, coriander, parsley, green onions, etc. - Better to apply separately to the finished bird.

Fish river taken from the head, the sea without a head, and she and the other is taken without the gills and viscera, scales cleared. Pepper and salt in a better finish.

Baked 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of fish. By the final fish is served fresh herbs and white wine.