Removable flat. Live alone or with neighbors - that terrible?

  Removable flat. Live alone or with neighbors - that terrible? Everyone who has ever rented an apartment, there is talk about the pros and cons "of rented" life. I will not go into boring thoughts on how difficult it is to accept not only the shortcomings, but also with the advantages of cohabitants. But they too easy ... Here I want to describe the curious incidents that occurred directly with me and my neighbors, as well as stories told by friends.

 So, the girls from the dormitory spontaneously staged a rally with an individual code-named "Month of unwashed pots. One girl left a very clean dirty pot, as well as in a room at the time were serious battles, and talks about the peaceful settlement of the issue was not there, nobody wanted to wash someone else's pot. And so troubled utensils stood unwashed month.

I do not know what smells were in the room, but there just is not aromatherapy smell, excuse the pun. What's funny, pot would have stood in this state for a long time and happily, she had already "used" is probably for this state. In general, as often happens in 1,111,112. dormitories [/url] The issue is not resolved without the commandant. During the regular inspection of rooms aluminum martyr noticed, and after a brief stardom pot finally did, was washed. Moral - dishes are not always the best assistant in the dispute, still have to wash you.

 I have nothing against the national stage, but when the song seems to hit people's groups, include your side of the wall at full volume at 3 am, too. Have a conscience! At least tell me how to translate!

 An acquaintance of mine was not very happy owner of earplugs, because of its mistress, the day a mild and brief, the night hanging out on the full - snoring so that any dad would be jealous.

 Somehow one of my neighbors came home from a walk at five o'clock in the morning drinking the pretty, it was a stranger to me guy. "Can he stay the night with us?" We talked, and decided that let it. Behind him in the apartment rolls bicycle: "And his bike too, can sleep here?" Well, a bed and a bicycle, and his master. The first question of my roommates this morning was: "Who?" I just wanted to ask this ... In general, serious discussion took place, and the girl a couple of times went for a walk with the unsuccessful cyclist.

 This idiotic case as there are living witnesses. I had to for two months to live with quite a stranger, which proved to be a small mind and wit, call it conditionally "E". On a visit to my girlfriend to come back in, started sharing his impressions of the conducted separately vacation, a neighbor came to visit me, too, that looked like rapper Syava, and expressed much the same. In general, we scattered to different corners of 1,111,114. Apartments 1,111,117. And talked, but the fun started, when it's time to see off visitors.

Here "E" claims that emissions from the balcony of the apartment key. The key then was one, I just moved into an apartment, it is then I have made four duplicate, hidden in different bags. At a reasonable question: "Why did you do that?", Sounded strange mooing. Half an hour all thought it was just a stupid joke and tried to persuade the comedian-failure to surrender, but, alas. All honest company started looking for the keys, a half hour after they were found in the container from the ice cream, which for some reason was in the pantry ...

The meaning of this action I am still not clear, all repersyavskie friends were forever lost and utter obscene, it was necessary to record their speech, very much it was masterly. My pastime in this apartment as soon as I myself and put a big question mark. Yes, and joy "E" no not experienced, that's for sure, especially after the opening of its evil plan.

Since 1,111,116. neighbors 1,111,117. I pick up only after the test at IQ, polygraph testing and that it is not required, information on mental health, notarized ...

 I admit that there are many touching sides to live together. For example, the little notes left on the table or on the refrigerator door, forcing a smile, in spite of their contents. In this age of SMS and ICQ about the notes - almost full letters, only the brand is not enough. Basically, the good is always greater than bad.