How to choose the right bag? The importance of simple things

  How to choose the right bag? The importance of simple things What we pay attention, choosing a new hoover ? On the suction power - in the first place. Further there are not so fundamental, yet important criteria - ease of use, compactness, lightness, power consumption. Not the last factor is the design and color. And it is very rare for anyone interested in 11,111,122. dust collector [/b] .

However, it is bag is a major element of the whole filtration system vacuum cleaner and assumes primary responsibility for cleaning the premises. He has to perform once two contradictory goals: on the one hand - as carefully as possible to delay debris and dust, but on the other - pass through the air.

Plain paper bag handles this, absorbing 90% of all particles up to 1 micron, which is 15 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. It would seem that it is possible to complete the cleaning - in fact processed surface looks clean. Unfortunately, the remaining 10% of dust, missing the standard filter, then a long time will fly across the room and "happy" owners of allergies and frequent viral illnesses. Pollen, bacteria, mold spores, house mites and their droppings saprophytes, tobacco smoke ... All of this - a magnificent set of 1,111,118. allergens [/url] He breathes urban dwellers every day.

The only way to avoid such problems - to buy high-quality dust bags with natural antiallergenic impregnation. These bags are especially recommended for use, if a family has young children. Such impregnated dust collectors - new on the market of household appliances. It is based on natural ingredients (eg, fruit of the tree Melia azedarach), has insecticidal properties and is designed to suppress the multiplication of pathogenic micro-organisms inside the bag, the bag. Thanks to the impregnation of blown out vacuum cleaner air is cleaned of most major allergens - dust mites waste products - and not distribute them around the room.

In addition to the hypoallergenic note уровень фильтрации пылесборника. Современные нетканые мешки способны удерживать до 99,98% частиц домашней пыли through multi-layer filter. This means that a good non-woven bag, in fulfilling its direct function, can significantly change and expensive hepa-fine filter, and electrostatic microfilter (for comparison: these filters absorb 80 to 99.9% of particles larger than 0,3 micron).

Good bag - 11,111,123 firm. dust. How would quality it may be the filtering flimsy bag fraught breakdown of your equipment. For large debris or moisture trapped inside the compartment cleaner Dust can trigger overheating engine and very soon "fatal". Choose the bag, [b] resistant to tearing To withstand the impact of sharp objects (broken glass, small nails, pebbles) and do not lose their strength at random moisture.

Last (but certainly not least!) Property bag - Support 11,111,122. Sustainable Suction [/b] vacuum cleaner. Due to the difference in density, structure and capacity of sections of the filter bag material is not permitted by their adhesion and reduces the rate of clogging of the filter pores. Thus ruled the pressure drop of air flow passing - even when filled with dust suction power will decline only slightly.