Name of child: how to choose these days?

  Name of child: how to choose these days? No name - it would be meaningless and senseless conflict
dumb masses in the abyss of absolute darkness ... And we pray and
curse by name, through the utterance of the name. And there
boundaries of life name, no measures for its power. Name
and the word is created and holds the world ...

AF Losev

It used to be easier: when naming the newborn priest turned to the calendar and saw the parents and little depended on how they will call their child. In our time, when the family got the right and responsibility for the selection of a proper name of Chad, has to think about it.

Not just talking about the names with their mothers and fathers knew children, and find out for themselves that a few basic criteria, they are used by themselves or in combination.

Family tradition
This tune needs no comment, because all known fairly common practice to transmit born when the name of a descendant of my grandfather/grandmother, father/mother, a noble relative, etc.

The memory of a meaningful
In this case we can speak as an event or personality. Recall, for example, how after the revolution was Oktiabrina, Vladlena etc. And how do you Dazdraperma - Short "Long live May Day"? But in the biography of parents, family or private, may leave a trace of an unforgettable person. For example, I called my father in honor of his first love, I really do not know how to go about his desire to mom ...

Pleasantness of sound can be considered either in respect of only the name itself or in combination with the middle name. It is clear that this feature is very subjective, because different people like different sound combinations. For some, Diana Gavrilovna - quite acceptable, it cuts the other ear.

Semiotics of
Now we have black berries literature, Printed Matter and e, which is interpreted the meaning of names and tells about the nature of the person depending on how it was named in his childhood. Psychologists say that this has a homespun truth, psycholinguists support them. The problem is that in the named literature on the nature of the contradictions are not uncommon, but not the point.

Modern dictionaries, interpret the meaning of names, in determining the roots of their origin often miss important aspects, without possessing the necessary information. Perhaps the name of Herman - proof of this. He was transferred to or from Latin as one only, or with German - warrior.

It is believed that it brought to Russia from Byzantium in the IX - X centuries, spread along with the Christian religion and take root "creaking", initially - in the families of noble persons. Maybe so, but regardless of the Byzantine Empire and long before the Christianization of the Slavs in the southern tribes, for example, Bulgarian blood was considered a god of fertility - Herman (Jerman).

This is a character like Kupala and Kostroma: dying and resurrecting. According to legend, Herman dies of drought, and then the women buried his image in the form of clay sculptures with accentuated masculine traits figures on the sandy shore. After this was bound to go plentiful rain, which badly needed crops.

Periodically, a special case the bright flash of popularity of a name. What terms of some of Lada, then in a class of eight Kirilov. However, the fashion - a phenomenon changeable, and if you do not want to have a child among his peers had a lot of the same first name, you can use statistics registry office, which take into account the frequency of recorded names.

From the "memorable" feature exotic differs in that is not directly related to any events, experiences, etc. Rather - it is opposed to fashion. Other parents want to think of his daze unique name, and their ingenuity sometimes more than surprised. We, my lowly opinion, it's better to bear the name of the first love of his father, than follow the example of a businessman, has appointed its offspring called Mirax - exactly the same way as belonging to him and construction company.

In Samara, lives a young man by the name of Eros, in Nizhniy Tagil - Russia girl. Spouses Alexeyeva of the Moscow region called the daughter of Viagra. A certain couple Voronin few years struggling for what to call his son ... Boch RVF 260,602 (Biological Object Man kind Voronin-Frolova, born June 26, 2002).

However, the bacillus exotic imyanarecheniya worn around the world. A young Swede named Oliver Google, the Indian boy's name means "I love potatoes," among young Ecuadorians are found Superkrepky Cement, International Conflict. In an American family named Jackson children ... meningitis, laryngitis, appendicitis, peritonitis, Tonsillitis. Oh!

  * * *
Parents who do not want a happy fate for their children - not just a rarity, but pathology. In ancient times many peoples of the world had a tradition of hiding the true name of the person to protect it from attack by dark forces, because the person identified with it, with the name.

It is significant in a number of reasons, and not being able to in one article to elaborate on all (leave as something for later), we restrict the most obvious - social and psychological. On the one hand the child to discover his name, is building his own attitude to it, on the other - the social environment in which it grows, and then found of, too, in a certain way takes the name, which is involved in establishing the views of the man we want it or not. This is confirmed by empirical research, that is, empirically. And when it comes to exotic name - it always pays special attention to assume the environment and causes additional load on the carrier it is why so often in the home owners unusual names "convert" them to a "trivial".