Renovated apartments. What are you ready to decide?

  Renovated apartments. What are you ready to decide? Situations in which people decide to repair, are different. Someone bought a house, someone decides to "put marafet" before a serious event, be it a wedding, birth, etc. Situations can be very diverse. And now comes the time, and we say: "It is decided! Getting Started! ". Oh, how we are not aware of what awaits us. No wonder people come up saying: repair - worse than war.

Of course, there is this kind of repair, when you are temporarily relocating to another living space, hire a construction crew, give all necessary advice and wait for the result. This Council has always maintained control over the process of repair time raids, the money for the purchase of supplies to give portions, always require a report on its work and wasted resources. With all the quality of your life suffers minimal. You can continue to engage in daily activities, work, spend time on family members, in return for the joy of communication. Repair will be done by someone else as you want done.

However, most average people are doing repairs themselves. Mainly due to lack of funds for hiring labor, either because of unwillingness to trust strangers. The easiest way to make ourselves косметический ремонт. При небольшой сноровке совсем несложно самим поклеить обои, перестелить линолеум, либо другое напольное покрытие Buy ready-made furniture (here span the price very, very big).

On average, you can cope for a month and a half, of course, if you are not the owner of a luxurious multi-level mansion with many rooms, corridors and stairways. Your soul mate, children and other domestic circle would have to endure the temporary inconvenience and your absence from the normal family klatches, also welcomed their physical participation in the process.

There are also artisans who strive overhaul in every detail to make their own hands. Furniture - customized, windows, walls, floors and much more - exclusively own hands. Of course, to implement such ambitious plans, we need considerable experience and skill in this matter. If the landlord, who engineered such a repair, do not summon to the aid of at least 5-6 men assistants, the deadlines may be very delayed and he would regularly explain to the family that he will not like all that "consumer goods" is not for them, that both cheaper and would take into account personal wishes.

The frequency of such explanations - about once a week. But if you have the patience and if the master is really the golden hands, the result is worth it. Your home will be 1,111,118. Furniture [/url] Which no one else, all cabinets and tables could be ideally in color, design and size of your dwelling and the cost of this miracle will be modest, because you save on paying the workers, delivery, and margins of shops and brokers.

So what is следует обратить внимание, затевая ремонт? Определитесь, насколько всеобъемлющим он будет – вы планируете переклеить обои, переставить мебель, затеяли перепланировку etc. Who will do repairs, and what resources you have. Are you willing to sacrifice free time and whether you have time at all for such a serious event.

Even before the beginning of decisive action, make a project, how you see your house after repairs, what you want to change. This will help you see the picture as a whole, as well as save time for reflection, when the process is in full swing.