How to help your child do well at school?

How to help your child do well at school? "Only a person can act on the development and definition of personality, only character can be formed in nature. (K. Ushinskiy)

All parents dream that their child is studying at some fours and fives, for success in school affairs - a pledge that in future it will become a good specialist, you will find well-paid job and be successful in others. But not all moms and dads to help them overcome difficulties in learning, thus contradicting his dreams.

If you want your child graduated from high school as "excellent", help him in this! But this assistance should not be reduced to pay for tutors, buying already solved homework and surf the Internet ready to report.

Parents - who play an important role in the development of cognitive activity of any student. No one can help with problems in school, like mom and dad. Here are some tips on how to help your child become more successful in learning activities.

More talk with their offspring
Our speech - the basis of everything. How to properly articulate their thoughts, express their views and defend it, to attract the attention of the logic of presentation - all important skills which, if they develop at an early age, will be useful in any sphere of life.

A child up to ten years, more ask me about what happened during the day at 1,111,114. kindergarten [/url] , School, that he liked the cartoon, which he recently watched, etc. With older children need to talk to affect feelings, experiences and expertise. Let your child often expresses his opinion on others, examines the events not only in school and at home, but inside and outside: in the city in the country in the world.

Secure the vocabulary and expand your horizons schoolboy
If your offspring there are any questions, do not dismiss it, saying that you have no time. Remember, you do not need to know the answers to all questions. If your child asks: "Is it true that the Tasmanian devil really exist?" Answer: "But let's take a look in the encyclopedia!". Much time is you can take away, whereas for the child it will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to use reference books, to enhance their knowledge, that would be beneficial for 1,111,116. training [/url] school.

Must be from a young age to accustom the child to use libraries. This is especially important at the present stage, when almost every house has a computer connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web makes it easy to find your material. And we need that the child is dug in the references and books, was on the basis of their own report or story, highlighting the main thing. When he learns to seek answers to their questions in encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks, he will not only develop their horizons, but will read more to enrich your vocabulary. And this is a direct way to improve performance!

Read with your child and fiction, Poems , Sing songs, even if he is older than seven years. Only literature can show the true beauty and richness of the Russian language. Only parents can teach a child to see this beauty. Talk to him read. Let him inform him your story, draw an illustration of the one you like the episode, learn by heart and recite a poem of a poet.

Most buy newspapers and magazines. If your child is in elementary school, read together news articles and explain to him the essence of writing. Perhaps many will not understand him. However, interest in the developments taking place in the world - no small factor in the successful learning, and must teach a child to follow the news.

Most learn about school
The more you know about what is happening in school, that students are on a particular subject, how your child copes with the program, whether the good in this class is Lecturer The more you will have the opportunity to improve his knowledge. Find out about homework, check the accuracy and timeliness of their implementation of the child.

But do not be a warden and a tyrant! Be with your child in trusting, warm relationship. Help with the difficult task or abstract. If you support him, not chide poor grades, he will seek to increase their level of knowledge.

Do not scold for "deuce"! Quarrel to no good will not. Better Talk with your child, find out why he got a bad mark, look to him the situation and find ways to solve the problem. It is important to explain what a nasty mark easily can rise and become "excellent", should only make an effort.

Correctly allocate workspace student
Note whether well lit desk, if it lacks space for homework, how often ventilated room, not out loud if the TV in the living room ... correctly allocate the time for lessons, recreation, active play, walking.

If you see that your child is tired, let it rest, do not download things. Weary head is not able to memorize information, and how would you swore, as if they have not followed homework, tired baby anyway the next day will bring "deuce" or "troika". Remember that every man needs a rest, and the child all the more!

Proper nutrition - the key to successful training
Modern research has shown that the brain - this is one of those bodies, which suffers from malnutrition in the first place. Therefore, if your child was irritable, tired quickly, poorly remembers learning material, was to receive lower grades in school, look at what he eats.

In most cases, these symptoms are caused by malnutrition. A significant part of our diet occupy fats and carbohydrates, and today's children and teenagers are crazy about 11,111,112. Fast Food [/url] - And all that is harmful to health. Should limit the intake of your child's soft drinks, chips, hamburgers and other foods of this kind.

The most important group of vitamins for the brain is a group of vitamin B. Vitamins of the group responsible for the work of memory, attention and learning ability. To improve the memory requires that the child's diet was attended by such products as: Nuts , Milk, fish, chicken, meat, liver, buckwheat, fresh vegetables and fruits. If something out of food the child seems tasteless, the force is not force. Try to approach this issue creatively: nice to arrange the meal, look for new recipes, where this product can be submitted in a favorable light and tasty. Grow yourself and your child will develop together with you!