How to plan a personal plot?

  How to plan a personal plot? A miracle happened - you are the owner of his own piece of land, which are going to build a villa or cottage. Or maybe the house is already built or bought ready. In any case, at your disposal to assist the Territory, which needs improvement.

If your name is Rockefeller (or at least you are his close relative), then you can go on a simple way - to contact the company which will undertake landscape design. The specialists will plan and do everything for you, ranging from garden to small architectural forms with flower beds and comfortable benches. But if you're not a member of a kinship with even the most unsold oligarch, problems may occur.

So agree on the fact that you - not an oligarch or a relative. But you still want the land was beautiful. And functional at the same time. It is possible to arrange without the need for a professional landscape designer.

First, take note: where on your site sunny places, and where the constant shadow (for example, are often shaded places around the house, and not necessarily his - on small plots of shadow can create and build neighborhood). This information will help you decide on the landing of plants: some of them are very, sun and categorically refuse to grow in the shade, others - quite the opposite, require shade 11,111,127. , There are those with equal success will grow in the sun and shade.

Examine the soil, even if a tiny plot. Yes, in general, it will be in uniform. For example, solid loam. However, it may well be that the previous owners wanted to have a piece of black earth and the earth was brought to a piece of land (for example, the device strawberry "hill" or an exotic flower beds). If you're in the middle of its plot will discover a blackearth Klondike - you are lucky. If not, then you will either have to abandon those plants that do not meet at your disposal ground, or deliver them to the ground - the pleasure is not the cheapest, considering the cost of delivery and the necessary amount of soil.

Divide the plot into functional fragments (the children's playground, gazebo, picnic grounds, garden, Flowerbed , Herbaceous border, and so on), given the distribution of light and shade, as well as "land nuances. If the plot is enough of a decent size, it's usually the garden located on the front and middle ground, but the garden have taken on the middle and rear. But you can put in the foreground flower bed, on average - the garden, and in the background - the garden.

 How to plan a personal plot? Here's a tiny garden (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
 Note - what you will view from the windows. One thing during afternoon siesta, enjoy your own flower garden, or count the apples on our own apple tree, the other - to monitor the beetle crawling along the wall of the shed (and here it does not matter - your shed or neighborhood). So, when planning functional fragments, try to view from the windows as attractive as possible. In an extreme case, if it from the shed does not go, you can use vines (Of course, the variety which is suitable for growing in your climate conditions). You will receive not only a picturesque view a la medieval castle, but grape juice or wine is homemade.

If your site is very small, or building occupied by a large area, you'll have a little cheat. Sada, praised by poets and writers, you will not succeed. This requires a place that does not exist. But you can get both fruit trees and shrubs, and additional protection from neighbors and street. Enough to accommodate planting on the perimeter of the site - this will save space, and will serve as a green hedge. But already on the free space can arrange anything.

  How to plan a personal plot? Currant and rose - a reliable hedge against its neighbors (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
 A small caveat: if your site is not located in a holiday village, as, for example, along a city street, or rather a busy road, do not place children's playgrounds, playing fields, recreation and picnics nearby streets. After all, you can isolate themselves from the environment visually, but not auditory - eating festive barbecue, you'll always hear the street, but not the interlocutor. In addition, the street smells, and the exhaust gas does not improve appetite.

In planning the flower beds, carefully examine the plants that are going to plant. Draw several plans for the future of the flower bed - with different placement of plants. It would be better if the flowers would be high on your foreground, and low-growing - in the back, on paper, but not on the site. The same with colors. Wrong selection of colors can ruin the very good beginning and make a luxurious 11,111,118. flower
in a very untidy place, which will annoy you. Fans, florists begin to plan their beds in the winter and spring to paint a variety of options for placement of plants. The results of such planning is usually admired.

When choosing fruit trees and Shrubs for planting, pay attention - and that increases the neighbors? As it bears fruit? Ask: Do they tried to plant other varieties and how it ended? Of course, you can become a pioneer and try to grow date palms in central Russia directly in the soil, but is it worth it for such efforts?

  How to plan a personal plot? Bookmark future garden (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
 If you have a small area, think - if you need a traditional gazebo, which will have to place three meters from the house, took his place and encumbered land, while at the same time and shaded part of it. Especially if your house has a veranda.

If you are a fan walks through the gardens, and the size of your site allows a garden, you can extend the walk even for a small garden, creating the impression that you are walking in a vast space. Suffice it to abandon the direct paths, replacing them with a real labyrinth of twists and bends. And if I put in key locations, small architectural forms (somewhere to build Tiny pond - And the bench next to him for a contemplative pastime, somewhere to put garden sculpture, etc.), then the illusion will be completely full.