New tile in the bathroom or the kitchen: to help themselves with the repair? Of course!

  New tile in the bathroom or the kitchen: to help themselves with the repair? Of course! You know how to drill into the wall? Hammer nails, hang shelves, repairing plumbing potekshuyu? Excellent! So you have the ability to something more serious than petty 1,111,112. Refurbishment [/url] .

Maybe try to update the interior of a bathroom or kitchen: set new tile ? And nothing that at first scared, addicted - from work not tear.

Before you buy the necessary materials, to measure and calculate the dimensions surfaced. Number of tiles must be purchased at 10 percent greater than the area of walls or floor. In addition, the need to roulette, building level, notched trowel, rubber gloves, tile crosses, corresponding to the size of joints, and Tile (or glass cutter). Plan of laying a better draw on the paper, noting there is a pattern or picture, if it is present in the project.

The surfaces should be checked for plumb using a level or plumb slats. If the difference is more than one centimeter, then the wall would have to align. In severe cases, you can apply plasterboard . The smoother the wall, especially a thin layer of glue required and the easier it is laying itself. The paint, whitewash, peeling plaster must be removed, and the very walls - primed.
Laying wall is better to start from the second row. Number of height to calculate such a way that the topmost tile was intact. This wall can raschertit lines corresponding to the horizontal seams. After that, the calculated height from the floor set the bar and align it with a level horizon. Plank must be level - for example, a profile for drywall. This is important in the early work - from how to put the first row, the rest depends on the correct styling. Do not forget when planning to place whole tiles in the corners, which are fundamental and the first to catch the eye.
The choice of adhesive is determined by the type of tile bearing surface and the temperature fluctuations in the room. Choosing the right tile adhesive will help the seller or the instructions printed on the bag. Cook the mixture should be just before its application. To do this, the water should pour the required amount of glue. To get a better mix a lot, you can use nozzle drill type mixer. For consistency, the mixture should resemble a thick sour cream or cream, do not blame for their weight with the notched trowel and well stick to the wall.

To begin laying strike a notched trowel to the wall surface, installed over the rack ready to feed formula to the width of about three tiles. By changing the slope of the spatula, we adjust the thickness of the adhesive. Take the first tile, install the lower edge at the bar and gently presses it to the adhesive mass, while the solution must squeeze out a bit with its edges. Check the vertical level, if necessary, is pressing the right direction. Similarly, set on a number of neighboring tiles. Between them in the vertical joints paste cooked crosses - it will help make the stitches the same. Just need to verify that the parties and the corners of our veneer lay in one plane. To do this, you can lean on her cheek against the wall and make a "stiff neck" look, or attach to the surface level - the top and bottom plates must be on one line.

After a row, before spreading the next - the top row. Here are acting the same way, but do not forget to embed the crosses are in the horizontal joints and check the level of all the plane. Particular attention should be given to the place where all the four corners of adjacent tiles. Tile Adhesive grasped quite quickly and a slight adjustment is possible time - on the strength of 20-30 minutes. At the beginning of the work has not yet packed full of hand, be sure to supervise all levels of vertical and horizontal surfaces, otherwise the withdrawal of one millimeter can turn ugly gap in the ceiling.

If necessary, cut the tile, measure and mark a pencil line cutting. Spend on the part of the glaze on the line with sufficient force glass cutter or tile. On a flat surface, place a cut made by drill diameter of 5-6 millimeters and push with both hands simultaneously on the edge - tiles will break through. If you break off part of a very small, use the pliers.

Do not try to do everything in one day, it is better to work longer, but to do better. After laying the next section should be carefully cleaned the joints between the tiles on the adhesive. This can be done at the seams with the same crosses were used during the operation. In the future, the seams filled with a special mixture - grout, or "fugue". Grout is needed to qualitatively mend all the seams, and decorative tiles to provide, if necessary according [url=] designer's concept 11,111,113. .

Laying tile on the floor in a similar way. The process is somewhat easier in that it does not need to put props and supporting strips, but complicated by the need, for example, gender bias in a certain direction, and better quality glue filling the space between the floor and tiles. But if you have some training on the walls and you will be successful, then the gender you are, no doubt, too, can handle.