Ideas for a holiday: how to arrange home Opening Day?

  Ideas for a holiday: how to arrange home Opening Day? Family celebration - it is always a holiday for adults and children. But you must admit that many of them are standard, ordinary. For something bright and interesting, or do not have enough imagination, or desire. Not only to impress visitors, but to please all family members, you can create your home ... Opening Day.

In this small exhibition can be presented for children crafts from clay, cardboard, clay, wood, and - figures. If a family has a girl, then they will show at the exhibition of their dolls to dress, sewn their own hands. Parents can take part in the overall preparation for the opening day with the children, helping them make crafts. But can the show and his own imagination.

In some families, moms and dads, grandparents, relatives вяжут, шьют, увлекаются разведением цветов. Есть и домашние коллекции. Это могут быть марки, фантики, монеты, открытки, значки. Многие бабушки хранят вдали от посторонних глаз кружева Made in his youth, but not lost its charm. Very nice little embroidered pillow- . The grandchildren may not know that their grandfather had long collects beautiful cufflinks and that he has a rare book. It remains the case for small. Decorate your home show these darlings little thing.

So, we need to create a home exhibition of the exhibits, which should not only carefully select the children with their parents, but also shape them. Photographs and drawings are best displayed in frames. Well, if their children do for themselves. Besides, you can also decorate the frame. These can be pieces of ceramics, glass, beads, buttons, ribbons, beautiful fabric. Photos can also be attached to colored paper. In order not to spoil the pictures, you should make small incisions on the paper and insert a photo.

All graphics, photographs, paintings are best to hang in the hallway or in a room on one wall. Other exhibits can be attached with twine, adhesive tape, staples, nails, thread.

At home you will always find a piece of linen, lace curtains, a tablecloth. They can also serve as a good basis for the design of the exhibition. To guests, relatives were able to examine the exhibits, some of them can be attached to the base pins. And even hang on a rope with pegs.

The main thing is to sign all the crafts represented at the exhibition, stating to whom they belong, with the comic wishes to address their respective owners. There is no doubt that this picture gallery cause considerable interest among visitors.

This Opening Day can be arranged in honor of 1,111,118. wedding anniversary [/url] , Someone's name day, birthday, anniversary ... If you have decided to celebrate the anniversary of my grandmother, you can decorate the exhibition of portraits (use for this purpose, images from different years), as well as to provide the things she holds more than one year. It may be childish notebooks, diaries, drawings by children and grandchildren. Greeting cards and various gifts that you gave over the years my grandmother, too, can be set in the home opening day.

If the approaching birthday of your child, the home show better to decorate not only the crafting of his son (daughter), but also his friends, before agreeing with their parents.