How to make children's toys?

How to make children's toys? Do you have a baby, and he, of course, need toys. Moreover, the toys are required just after birth - in fact the very first seconds of life a baby begins to explore the world, his brain is developing. But an infant is limited in travel, yet alone does not move, his world narrows.

Toys - a way to expand the child's world, they develop the brain in different directions. This and the development of hearing, and the development of vision - for the very young. For those children who have already started to move, grab handles, objects, toys, and offer more development of tactile sensations and 1,111,112. fine motor [/url] .

The main problem with these toys for the crumbs that kids quickly lose interest. Their attention is scattered. And if you offer a child the same rattle every day, he could simply stop paying attention to it. No wonder, she does not bring any new impressions.

You can follow the path of purchases and the time (very often) to acquire a variety of toys for the baby. But not everyone is available, since [url=] toys 11,111,137. are not as cheap as we would like. And you can choose another option: make toys yourself. Of course, they will not be such a beautiful and exquisite as the purchase, but they can change almost every day. And for the child in infancy is very important to a variety of impressions. In addition, the combination of "home" and purchased toys allow your child to a more complete picture of the world. That is, will contribute to its development.

A simple toy for a child - beanbag . You can do whole garlands, having before cardboard, glue and various grains. Are made from cardboard tubes, they are strung on strong thread (the child, grabbing, he could not break), then the tube closed on one side (you can use pieces of rush hour), filled with some barley (variety of cereals make different sounds) and closes with another side. Cardboard tubes can be painted.

How to make children's toys? Garland with rice (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
Also easy to make mobile - Karuselku "with toys that hung over the baby bed. From the wire is connected to the mobile frame of any chosen form, then suspended him cut from cardboard and painted figures. Conveniently, that figure can fluctuate. Such a makeshift mobile can be hung and images of animals and geometric figures. Baby can explore different colors and shades - all with a piece of wire and a few pieces of cardboard.

How to make children's toys? Scheme mobil Wire (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
Mobile can be made of wood or plastic sticks.

How to make children's toys? The scheme of mobile sticks (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
Mobile can be produced even from a simple clothes hangers. One need only hang up her little toys or cut out cardboard figures. However, such mobility is worse - it is stationary.

How to make children's toys? "Mobile" from coat hangers (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
Lids on medicine bottles will arrange for the child, this puppet theater (of course, this is for children older than 3 months), accompanied by tales theatrical effect. It is only necessary to draw on various smileys cap - and Finger theater ready.

How to make children's toys? Finger Theatre for the kid (Photo: Sofia Vargan, personal archive)
Those bottles of medicine will give "Grip" for kids. In that capacity, may make "waves" that are pressed tablets in a bottle (sometimes this is not an accordion, and tablets pressed wool, but now it is more the exception than the rule).

Scraps of different fabrics, sewn into a square and rectangle, plus a set of buttons will give [b] developmental mat 11,111,136. for children from 6 months. These mats are recommended for the development of tactile sensations, fine motor skills and coordination. Precondition - buttons to sew on the strongest possible that the baby could not have them off.

As your child grows, you can complicate the mat, creating real works of art. The developing rug can be placed whole story - a forest with wild animals, farm with homemade, fruit trees ("Show me where apple! Show, where the pear tree!"), Rivers and lakes with fish and other waterfowl. Parents-craftsmen such mats grew up with a child grows to developing the entire room (or over if the kid is not my room).