How to win in-law? Part 2. Struggle

  How to win in-law? Part 2. Struggle After the division-in-law at 1,111,112. Valais [/url] discuss the damage that can cause us to each of these subtypes, and methods of its prevention. So, svekrovki divided by size:

Type № 1: small on both parameters
  Your strategy is double - to start to pretend to be even greater simpleton Than she. Even if you have two meters of growth and two diplomas in the presence of "mom" you agree to Bozeman's position (what you call a growth), and twitching eyes, a light film of dementia. All of you - invulnerable. Then twittering complete nonsense. Why do you make an impression on mom, this policy has long been the past century. Conquer the man his mother can simply stun (for example, the same dementia).

The second variant - intimidating . Understand long legs for miniature women - the subject of dreams throughout life. Be highlighted above such mothers, and literally - in high heels or platforms, mini-skirts, clothing in vertical stripes. Under this option, you can control nothing to say. And just a lot of walking in her face with her beautiful long legs, or sitting down to rock them. In-law falls into a kind of trance.

 Базовые навыки: умение прикидываться полной глупышкой. Скорее так – уметь изображать ту простоту, которая хуже воровства. Свекровь At least on his guard.

Type number 2: low growth, but overweight
  Your strategy is : To prove to her that you - are dangerous. There is no limit of imagination and perfection. Remember, as a joke: "Where have you been?" "At the resort traveled, rested, nerves podlechil here ..." "What's that to heal?" "Nerrrvyyyy !!!!» of dementia in-law will not catch, will have to demonstrate violent insanity. This will force them to stay away from you, and then, if you wish, you can build a reasonable boundaries and scope of communication.

You can also arrange a more intelligent taming. Your weapons against them - they will be, or rather their habit to eat. Give them to scale, the book "Easy way to lose weight", discusses the benefits of diets. Great difficulties in the struggle will not be because these women have long since all the mental strength to give food, and everything else they have neither the time nor the nerves. You find a weak spot: food, alcohol, cosmetics, or breeding of tomatoes - and target hitting. In-law does not notice that she is able to dull the defense. When you scare her in this way, baiting can stop and make it his ally . Why should someone has grandchildren?

  Basic skills 11,111,131. : Besides the ability to pretend to be crazy, yet need the basic knowledge in the field of nutrition (or other area depending on the specific in-law). Positioning himself as an expert should be in a particular subject, thus will win the respect and reverential awe.

Type number 3: High growth without excess weight
 [b] Your strategy is
. Such in-law is like a warm blotch of sunshine in your hands - elusive and beautiful. Tank on the foam tracks. It will not bother you, but also will not help. For three years she can go to visit you every day and create an atmosphere of togetherness, and the fourth evaporate, go and get in a supermarket with a man of your dreams. None of it did not expect nor bad nor good. And do not let us. For a flat let her pay, or a man from the supermarket.

  Basic skills 11,111,131. . You have to learn anything from anyone not to wait. However, it is useful in life skills.

Type № 4. Heavy artillery. All right - height, weight - huge
 [b] Your strategy is
. Ironically, the victory in the same place and defeat. You have to be worse than she. Do not forget - your husband, it has long been broken and capitulate. So, you have to become like his mom, then with her figure undo the emotional weight, and she neutralized as unnecessary. If she gets up at seven o'clock in the morning to cook your husband's gruel, get up at six o'clock, and also cook. Weeping bitterly that her pap salted, and she wants to poison your treasure. Just do not hit the plates and scandals.

 We should give in-law of this type - they seek only one stroke eyebrows. Ways to deal with such in-law very nasty - blackmail ultimatum, sex. The sons of such power that's moms are susceptible to kindness. Do not fret, all you get. A mother in law will fly to drive in the coffin of her husband or daughter to destroy marriage. Congratulations.

Us not lose this good grandmother. They can safely send the grandchildren for the summer. Children will return happy and healthy as a laptop over a long time will still be walking on flat systems. Plus they know the structure of the atria and ventricles of the heart. If my grandmother - a teacher of biology and chemistry high school.

  Basic skills 11,111,131. . Knowledge of pharmacology of sedatives in an instant and prolonged action. A strong desire to keep the marriage and mental health of children. Love and compassion for her husband.

Type number 5: height and weight correspond to the mean parameters of women from fifty years
 [b] Your strategy is
. Depends on military action. Sometimes a bottle of wine with the cake and photographs of her son in an embrace with you on the wall - her gift. Sometimes - not talk for six months.

 [b] Basic skills 11,111,131. . Your financial independence. Ironically, the main argument in this case. These women have been defaulted, the restructuring is likely to single-handedly raised the children in the daring few years. Money and living space for these unfortunates - the measure of all. And if you do not encroach on any, one or the other - you the green light.

In conclusion, what have mother-in In any case, it is fine. As a minimum, a guarantee that you, too, someday will become in-law (or mother-in). This woman is a long time ago not had an abortion, as was fashionable in the twentieth century, and has claimed responsibility, and as she could, suckled and nursed a treasure - your husband or young person. Be thankful to her for that.