How to decorate the living room?

  How to decorate the living room? If you plan to start decorating the living room after the completion of repair, you strongly risk. Many original items require a "dirty" preparations. About this decoration should take care in the initial stages of repair.

  Columns 11,111,127. usually built during the construction of houses. However, if you want to create a "pillar", where there was none. Comes to the rescue false-column or pilaster - a rectangular protrusion on the wall. This is a great way to visually reduce the very large room living room, break it down into functional areas.

в гостиной чаще всего возводят при создании неглубоких ниш. Они могут понадобиться для картины (в фальш-короб прячут подсветку) или размещения плазмы (скрывает провода). В нижней части фальш-стены можно разместить встроенные полки или, если глубина позволяет, полноценное место для хранения, или даже камин . Less solutions: the shrinking of living, not by sight, but quite real.

  Arched doorways used for zoning room. Using them can be divided into parts long narrow room, or stress bay window alcove.

  Stucco - An attribute of classical drawing. Modern sockets and rails do not necessarily plaster: synthetic analogs of cheap, easily dyed in any color, easy to install. Modeling should not be in the living room too much. Humble enough to the curb along the perimeter of the ceiling and the wall outlet for chandeliers.

In the interior doors instead of glass, you can insert витражи . They bought a special or replace stained ordinary glass. The advantage of such a decision - available to you any figure. However, the wizard will cause the installer: independently replace glass in most modern doors difficult. You can take care of stained glass in advance: let him put them in the factory, the manufacture of linen. However, this would limit available to you circle "patterns". Stained glass can be inserted in the sliding partitions or to arrange false-box: a box on the wall with stained glass and illuminated from within.

Perhaps, after repair you will come to the conclusion that living turned too dull and boring. Revive the wall can be made via a border around the perimeter of the ceiling (many are sold in collections with associated wallpapers). Alternative: painting a stencil, ready-label Decoretto.

If the room lacks a visual center, you have to look at the bare empty walls - loans of 11,111,124. Desktop [/b] . Panels can vykleivat over conventional wallpaper. Do not forget that too large pattern reduces the amount of room. Choose a picture with lots of details that do not get bored with time to examine it.

11,111,118 fans. Graffiti [/url] recommend applying a pattern on an empty, monotonous wall. Today for sale is an excellent acrylic paints in all colors of the spectrum. In the living room, which usually happens at night illuminated by any one angle, you can use fluorescent paint.

Repairs completed, the furniture arranged, it's time to add to the living room are little things that form the "character" of the interior: paintings, photographs, mirrors, shelves, etc.

To 11111127 paintings. better suited monochrome walls. In the case of colorful wallpaper choose a wide frame. The rule is as follows: large paintings hung at an angle, slightly above eye level, small - at eye level, directly.

Collection of postcards, photographs of close people in the same framework or mat hangs groups. From the photos you can make a collage in one big frame.

in the living room is not required, but if you want, why not hang? Well, if the light reflected from a mirror, finds himself in a dark corner, while not advisable to hang reflective fabric exactly opposite the windows and doors.

For souvenirs, all kinds of collections rather make a shelf on the wall. Especially interesting "artifacts" can illuminate. On the same shelf you can put a few books, which visitors can browse in your absence (pass the time).