How to quickly fix the blinds in the bathroom?

  How to quickly fix the blinds in the bathroom? Curtains for the bathroom are not only decorate the interior, but are practically important function - to protect the floor and walls of the room dry. So much the worse, when the curtains of thin oilcloth in the operation to put them on the ground direct mounting rings passed through the carrier bar (suspension) at the top of the oilcloth at an equal distance from each other openings are provided for fasteners.

These joints oilcloth and rings are the weakest in the curtains for the bathroom, and often require repair during the operation of curtains. This is because of too thin, and therefore cheaper material of construction for the oil-cloth. You can buy expensive curtains for the bathroom, for example, the fabric, which is even washable and can be repaired "cheap" oilcloth curtains right at home in just a few minutes, using a wide transparent adhesive tape (Scotch) from the store office supplies, scissors and a bit of sharpness.

To avoid "early" shift oilskin curtains and keep the family budget, take the following.

After buying a new shade without fixing rings decompose directly to the floor of the room at full length. In its upper part at fixing the rings at a distance of 60 mm from the edge (the width of a standard strip of transparent adhesive tape) to pave the entire length of the curtains masking tape (adhesive side of the oilcloth) and firmly press the oilcloth on the floor with his hands. Speakers for the edge of the oilcloth edge tape carefully shave off with scissors. Then turn the blind and do the same with the back side. Done.

Press it to tape for 2-3 minutes with his hands, evenly, heating iron is not required. Due to the properties of adhesive tape, "manual" exposure is enough to tape firmly entrenched on the surface of oilcloth curtains 1,111,119. . We just need to see to it that the tape stuck to the oil-cloth evenly and no more air bubbles.

Openings for fastening the rings, which are now covered with tape, it is convenient to do again warmed up to operating temperature (within 10 min) with a soldering iron capacity of 25-40 W, or punch. After such exposure holes are smooth and beautiful, do not differ from those originally made in the factory. To apply for the appointment of the blind can be repaired immediately. Then better to ventilate the room that smells of burning oilcloth went out into the street.

The same method can consolidate the "shabby" oilcloth. To do this you need to unlock it with hanging rod, take off her mounting ring, handle the top edge (where the holes for the rings) 10% solution of vinegar or special Degreaser (for example, suitable solvent № 646), and carefully put a layer of transparent adhesive tape width 60 mm along the length 1,111,116. curtains 1,111,119. As recommended above.

Following this simple procedure, blind to 1,111,118. Bathroom
will serve you for a long time.