What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition?

What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? Happy New Year to you, dear readers, and colleagues! But now - with the Old New Year! On the night of the 13th to 14 th of January we celebrate or commemorate (who just said, turning the calendar list, and who celebrates altogether) the arrival of the Old New Year.

Many people believe it is the night of 13 on January 14 the true New Year, because he is older and therefore more real. A new era in Russia was introduced not so long ago - in 1918, so that the "newly created" New Year Festival, just a 92nd godok gone - completely "green" yet (even some old-timers race of his peers who are still alive) , not like the bearded grandfather - Old New Year, which three hundred years ...

What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? The Orthodox church is in many countries continues to meet all the church holidays of the Julian calendar ("Old Style") because it is associated with fasting forty days after Christmas, ending only the beginning of the Christmas holidays - January 7. Old New Year celebrated not only in Russia and Ukraine, but in the former CIS countries - Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia) and even in Switzerland, not to mention the fact that residents of the former Soviet republics, as well as Orthodox Christians in other countries and abroad, also celebrate this holiday.

And, although it would seem - all are tired and on holidays, and on feasts, but suitable, steals all the same to us on the sly, the crunching snow Belo is not just a holiday, an occasion for the next feast ... After all, is an unusual time for Yuletide magic, when - as they say old people - the heavens opened above the earth and the gods and deities, spirits and angels, and all of which only one can imagine, higher forces are becoming more accessible to us ...

And here they are - these higher forces are already in touch with us, "on the wire", as they say - and not just be lazy - ask them questions: try to guess, ask questions about the "life-villain", and "fate-turkey" and it is possible - the future of the harvest and, of course - "to narrow-masquerade". Coy what they are you can, and tell, and show ... there is a lot of ways of divination and fortune-telling, and there is probably nobody who has ever tried to not be something from these ancient recipes. After 1,111,116. Vasiliev day [/url] - Namely the so-called day of 14 January (January 1, old style), a very respected by our ancestors, is the most honest and efficient in terms of the commission divinations and rituals.

What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? Last Christmas heavens opened above the earth and the gods and deities, spirits and angels - all the higher forces are becoming more accessible to us ... And just what people do not wonder: and at the mirrors and the Bible, and burnt paper, and wax, and the tea leaves, and beans, and even comb ... Not to mention that the "slipper throwing" the gate. Who has not heard the famous lines of Zhukovsky: "Every evening the girls guessed Epiphany, the gate shoe, took off his feet, threw ..."

You are not throwing slipper at the gate? But, still throwing? And what have you got? .. If you want to learn more about how and with what can guess, browse "ShkoluZhizni.ru. The Christmas divination and fortune-telling are allowed up to the baptism and are not considered sinful in this time, although at any other time of year is no longer welcome.

Style of clothing on this day, to put it in modern terms, should correspond to the formula: "clean, smartly, so as you can imagine - and then go clean and trim the entire year. And according to ancient tradition was laid adult family members to go to the neighbors to ask for forgiveness, in order not to be in the new year hurt. Okay, now that the phones are - you can do this by phone, but only seriously and with sincere intentions.

And of course, not only towards its neighbors is possible to make such a noble deed, and to accept and welcome all who you (or someone you are) offended, to whom do not even has a special arrangement ... All will take into account - the gods see everything! Heaven is a discovery!

Dinner this evening can be no longer purely a family, we can note it in the circle of friends, and in a restaurant, or party-korporativchikom at work. The main thing - feast on the Old New Year should be, according to tradition, generous. The holiday this way before and it was called - Generous - in honor of Saint Basil of Caesarea (aka - Vasily generous).

What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? Ah's, Dairy pig! Yes, with horseradish, but with cranberry sauce! "How to meet a year, so him and spend" - So goes the popular belief, and because the hostess tried to make a festive New Year's table by the abundance of treats would be capped not only all its own previous versions, but the table neighbors. The main "holy" dish in the "holy-night" was considered kutya - the "richer", the better for it and because preparations were not spared, not only raisins, poppy seed, honey and nuts, but the thick, sweet cream. To us, modern humans, can be used for cooking kutya all of the above, plus a vast arsenal of candied, dried, and dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts of all kinds, and a variety of delicacies that are now offering markets and supermarkets.

You can and should apply for the "Holy Supper" and pancakes, and pies, and homemade sausages, and filler or gefilte fish and poultry, and jelly, and other snacks ... Another very important feast, in second place after kutya, was considered entirely roasted pig. After all, according to ancient legends rode astride a pig on the ground that day pagan god Ovsen.

It was believed that roast pig provides prosperity for the coming year. But if you do not have a pig, you can roast a rabbit - it makes you agile and quick in reaching the goal. If, however, and hare not - can get a cock (or hen) to be light as a bird. And then you might want to now this simple recipe:

Salad with chicken
What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? Chicken - 400 g, cheese varieties - 300 g walnuts - 200 g, croutons of white bread - 200 g, mayonnaise, salt, spices.

Cut in small cubes (0,5 x0, 5 cm) cheese, coarsely chopped walnuts. Dice cooked chicken. All the mix, mayonnaise, add salt and spices. Rusks better to put in the salad just before serving.

Elegant roast rabbit in a cream sauce
You can prepare for this recipe:
carcass of a hare - 2-2.5 kg, milk - 1.5 liter, smoked bacon - 100 g butter - 5 tablespoons, water - 2 cups, Carrots - 2 pcs., sour cream - 1.5 cups, flour - 1 ch.l ., salt, pepper - to taste.

Carcase hare clear from the film and put in milk for soaking for 2 days in a cool place. One may wish to pickle hot carcass for a day in a marinade of vinegar and spices. 2 days to remove the carcass from the milk or marinade, wash in hot water and dry, then lard lard and rub with salt and pepper. Carrots cut into slices and arrange in pan. Carcase rabbit coat with softened butter, put the slices of carrot and cook for 30 minutes in a hot oven.

Then lower the temperature (about 180 degrees Celsius) and fry until cooked rabbit, drenching from time to time with hot water and sludge juice. Next, combine sour cream with flour, dilute the liquid from the roast and boil. Add salt to taste. Roast file (dividing the carcass into portions) with baked in the oven potatoes, cranberry sauce, salad and cooked.

What is the Old New Year - a real holiday or simply a tribute to tradition? If you do not have a real rabbit, but very much want to (well, now you want to be in the new year fast and agile!), You can cook and fake rabbit that - sure - will be even better than the present, and cook faster and softer and fragrant.

Hare fake
Pork (lean) - 800 g, eggs - 2 pcs., Dried breading - 3 tbsp. spoon sour cream - 1 tbsp. spoon, milk - 1 cup, bacon - 100 g butter - 50 g, salt, ground pepper.

Pork mince (preferably 2 times). Eggs frothed, add soaked in milk crackers, sour cream, salt and pepper and mix with stuffing. The obtained molded meat loaf, like a hare, his fat lard, sprinkle with oil and arrange in a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs form or pan. Add a little water and put in the oven, cook until golden brown. Incidentally, the same scenario can be done and fake milk suckling pig!
Enjoy your meal!

Oh, and do not forget that the morning after the holy supper in the house should enter the first man or posevateli, bringing into the house of prosperity and wealth! We in Ukraine say - "posevalniki. Entering the house, they (we usually boys up to 12-14 years) with sentences and poems ("posevalkami") dispersed handfuls of grain, as a symbol of harvest and prosperity. And for this they, of course, need to generously reward, especially those who came to the very first.