Unfortunately, many of us had and have to huddle in a small apartment, which is not something t" />

 How to "push the wall of a small apartment?

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  How to "push the wall of a small apartment? Unfortunately, many of us had and have to huddle in a small apartment, which is not something that a family with children, and one a close. That was many years ago, when constructed so-called "Khrushchev, and even now the situation has hardly changed ... Houses have the same shortcoming - a catastrophic shortage of 1,111,112. free space [/url] .

Of course, it is difficult to find common to all the advice and recommendations on how to do so, that the apartment seemed more But if you to experience total comfort in your own home do not have enough square meters, we recommend using the following methods.

Place a bet on an increase in the amount of light. To choose a floor and walls with light colors. It was noticed that 1,111,116. wall with wallpaper [/url] bright, saturated colors with images on them big expressive patterns, visually reduce the room. As for the monochromatic light wallpaper, then they, by contrast, allow you to make the room more space.

A good way to visually "extend" the room is a painting of the walls. Using this method, should be borne in mind one little detail - to create the desired effect drawn plot must contain the term (extending the valley stretching into the distance the road, etc.).

It is advisable to open windows and get rid of bored темных штор: пускай им на смену придут светлые рулонные шторы or blinds made of cloth. So all that is behind your window, it will seem part of the apartment.

In a small apartment would be appropriate to such a decision, as catwalks, inside of which can be hidden from the prying eyes of things (eg, sports equipment), or use a low cabinet or shelves. In general, try to do a minimum of furniture, again preferring the lighter tones.

  How to "push the wall of a small apartment?
Visually enlarge the space and will help [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-14455/] mirrors on the walls of 11,111,119. . They can be decorated with elegant frames or artistic sandblasting engraving, create unique effects play of light and shade. Instead of mirrors sometimes use special reflective film tinted glass.

Small city apartments have always suffered and continue to suffer not only the lack of sufficient space and high ceilings. To visually affected by the higher ceiling, it must be done at least a tone lighter than the walls of the apartment. It is possible and the use of dark tones, they create a feeling of "depth".

Pay special attention to the selection of ceiling lights, which should be flat in shape and as it pressed against the ceiling. Moreover, modern design trends tend to suggest now only local lighting in the room and a complete rejection of any ceiling lamp.

Do not underestimate role of light , Because it largely can highlight key points and adjust the available space in the apartment. Using a variety of interior lighting devices, from the beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures mounted to the furniture and wall lamps, will change the visual perception of how each room separately, and apartments in general.