How to make the child start the school year enjoyable?

  How to make the child start the school year enjoyable? Probably many of us are now happy to be back in the days when we went to primary school. Carefree childhood, school mates, interesting lessons and loved teacher. Stop! And when you were 7-10 years old, you just as much loved school? Adored teacher? Absolutely been friends with all the children in the classroom?

The little children's society, too, have their not unimportant problems - problems with peers, problems with homework, problems with teachers . Summer is over, started rainy autumn, all the rarer our students are outdoors more often they have to pore over books.

We, adults, too, is hard to return to work from vacation. But we are at work, at least, we get the money. And, to head all ozvereet, may resign by sending a head go to hell. A child in the school receives no salary, and evaluation. And send teachers away he can not, even if it is wanted.

Most 1,111,114. in the first days of September [/url] student is in a good mood, he was happy to meet with friends, new acquaintances, new pursuits. But every day asking more and more lessons, teachers swear, reading a book does not want, and best friend does not write off.

What can you do to cheer up her little schoolboy and awaken in him an interest in studies?

Let's start with clothing. Almost all parents bought in late August, a new sports suit, trousers, shoes for your child. Important for us that things were warm and practical. But the child is important that things were beautiful and fashionable in his understanding. I remember how much in the first grade I wanted to Chinese green sweatshirt with a mermaid, and my mother dressed me in expensive suits. Children have their own fashion, and here it is very important to find a compromise.

Importantly, what school stationery enjoy your child. Is important that the child does not feel deprived among the other children. If everyone in the class are pretty bright notebook and pencil cases, and it does not, you are unlikely to live to see from your child's particular zeal for knowledge. Many parents believe that the colorful covers of notebooks will distract the child from school, but it is not so! I myself remember how it was pleasant to get from the portfolio of beautiful notebooks. Do they learned much more pleasant. You would think that the fifth set of markers for your child did not need him? Very necessary! After all, it completely different shades.

Have you noticed progress in their studies? Little finished the quarter on some fives? This is a great excuse to bake a cake, cook his favorite fried chicken and mark the end of a quarter in your family! And what if the diary than fives is [url=] fours and triples 1,111,117. ? Okay! The presence of triplets is not a reason to cancel afternoon tea with cake. The child is important to know that you love him, not for evaluation. The presence of triples and twos - it's your fault, not your child. Just in the next quarter to pay more attention to sharing household tasks, and estimates will be much better!