I want something new. And do not change whether we blind?

  I want something new. And do not change whether we blind? It has long been behind the winter with its cold, snow and blizzards. And spring is otshumela first showers. Windows washed before spring transparency and open to the warm breeze blows and the scent of solar heated air.

But we want to have some sort of change, congruent with the nature of the summer and the sunlight, fun leaping on the walls and open at the world of windows.
And not change for us, in this case, the curtains?
In the Scandinavian countries, for example, has long been a tradition to change wound up winter curtains for the summer, and vice versa.

  I want something new. And do not change whether we blind? Classic shades
 Winter clothes for windows, usually made of dense, heat-saving tissue. Summer is - a light, transparent and delicate tyuley, cotton, flying tissues. And then the image of the room, and even a whole apartment, will evolve at least twice a year ...

And this is a lot to us and - the owners of their cozy, kvartirok Loved, cherished places, or houses built on a century fortress-like, as well as residents of offices, studios - take occasion to change and to gladden the eyes and soul unique design idea, original art finds!

  I want something new. And do not change whether we blind? Roman blinds
 All this can be done with blinds, curtains and hangings, the problem that not only protects us from the noise, dust, sunlight and views of outsiders, but also become important decorative elements, unless, of course, find them in harmony with its surroundings: colors and styles furniture, carpets, wall color or wallpaper.

Framing a window that provides us contact with the outside world, we have and to create that unique, only their own atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which we feel "in his element."
With the blinds we do the final touch to the overall picture of the interior, emphasize the general decor of the room, so we can say that they have an honorable role in the design of the room.

Of course, when you make different types of interior design we use, respectively, different technologies design curtains and different fabrics. And then the curtains act as an indicator of taste hosts, their wealth, character and lifestyle. But this does not mean you have to scramble, acquiring superdorogie, "difficult" in the processing and washing, materials, elements of the complex overburden curtains decor.

  I want something new. And do not change whether we blind? Japanese curtains
 Quite the opposite: light, simple (easy way, washable), warm in color and "living" on the invoice curtains, funny, playing, tulle or lace curtains, whether a kitchen, bedroom or nursery, much harmonious decorate your home and life.

Elegance and taste has always walked hand in hand with the simplicity and elegance. Not the high cost of heavy window decoration, burdened pompous excesses, but the originality and sophistication of solutions will be rather a measure of good manners and taste.
Original pelmet, beautiful, soft draping, an unexpected pattern or interesting weave fabric - that can attract whimsical look long and happy, not annoying. And here it is important to choose the best style.

  Choose your style:
Fashion on the curtains changed many times. Every era, the age or period of leave in the history of mankind its findings.
And today, aware of the various types of curtains. This classic pleats, swags, drapes and ornaments, and French - a lush, flowing drapery with numerous folds, and Roman, with clear horizontal folds - which was very popular among those who like all the most modern.

  I want something new. And do not change whether we blind? French curtain
 It is also a Japanese curtains, also called on-screen or panel, and the Chinese - very stylish because of the color and texture of fabric, and others.
All this variety of window dress dictates completely different ways of cutting fabric and strengthen curtains on the window.

Sliding curtains - the easiest and most familiar way all window decorations. But recently, this traditional way to join another such as, for example, the combination of sliding and lifting the curtains, so-called Rome, known since Roman times, which still look fresh, contemporary, and can be used in different styles - from classical to avant-garde. When using lifting and sliding curtains together, they complement each other and in a functional and decorative sense.
Before choosing to stay on any kind of curtains should be, first and foremost, take into account the size of windows, their shapes: rectangular or arched, arched or round, as well as the appointment of the premises that will dictate the form of curtains and fabrics for them. With the curtains can not only control the light flux falling outside, but also balance the large architectural details of the room. With blinds you can create a mood.
In any case, the main thing - a combination of aesthetics and functionality.